The Benefits Of Cleaning The Grill With An Onion

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I love barbecue season! Not only does barbecuing keep the house cooler from not having to turn on the oven, but food always just tastes better when it’s grilled, wouldn’t you agree? The only downside to grilling season is having to clean the thing after every use. And that’s exactly why I wanted to share this insider tip with you.

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You have likely heard of the dangers of barbecue brushes with metal bristles. The bristles can easily break off from the brush, embedding themselves in your food, and potentially becoming lodged in your throat. Fortunately, there’s a much better (and safer) alternative – and that’s a regular old onion.

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Simply cut an onion in half, and use a grilling fork to scrub the grill with the fleshy side of the onion. This works best when the grill is still hot. The onion will absorb the burnt food residue far more effectively than a barbecue brush would, plus onions contain natural disinfectant properties. And the best part is, you won’t need to stress about metal bristles getting stuck in your food.

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This is such a simple tip, but it’s one that I’ve been using ever since I found out about it. If you have a charcoal barbecue, you can plop the used onion onto the coals to add a delicious onion-infused flavor to whatever you’re grilling. Now you have one more trick up your sleeve the next time you go to take the lid off your barbecue – happy grilling, everybody!