30 Day DeClutter Challenge – End-of-Year Decluttering

source: whatsupclarksville.com

Throughout the year, we tend to collect a whole bunch of stuff. Sometimes we actually use this stuff, but many times it ends up shoved in a drawer somewhere, creating clutter. After the holiday season, our homes tend to look even more chaotic. That’s why you should consider participating in the de-clutter December challenge! Complete one task each day for the whole month, and your home will be looking like an organized oasis by the time New Year’s arrives.

Thanks to Simply Stacie for sharing her December de-clutter calendar!

source: Simply Stacie

Day 1: Sort through and organize Christmas decorations

Day 2: Clean out your fridge, throwing out any expired items.

Day 3: Do the same with your pantry.

Day 4: Clean and organize kitchen appliances, gadgets, and cookbooks.

Day 5: Sort through your jewelry and donate any items you don’t wear.

Day 6: Go through that box of old DVDs and CDs. Donate the ones you don’t watch.

Day 7: Sort through papers, etc. on your desk or in your office space.

Day 8: Organize your linen closet.

Day 9: Go through your kids’ closets. Donate items that are too small or don’t get worn.

Day 10: Depending on the number of kids you have, you might need another day to organize their closets. Also go through pet toys, etc.

Day 11: Take this day to clean and de-clutter your first bathroom.

Day 12: Now, it’s time to tackle your second bathroom. If you don’t have one, you’ve got a day off!

Day 13: Sort through your medicine cabinet. Look for expired medications, etc.

Day 14: Organize your tupperware/storage drawer.

Day 15: Sort through mail, bills, and other paperwork.

Day 16: Go through your children’s toys.

Day 17: Go through your children’s stuffed animals.

Day 18: Go through your children’s books and games.

Day 19: It’s time to sort through your old closet! Don’t hang on to items that don’t fit, or that you don’t wear.

Day 20: You’ll probably need another day to finish organizing your closet.

Day 21: Sort through your accessories. This includes scarves, hats, purses, belts, gloves, and shoes.

Day 22: Go through your outdoor clothing such as winter coats, etc.

Day 23: Go through your makeup/personal hygiene products. Remember that makeup does expire!

Day 24: Clear out any apps on your phone or DVR titles that you no longer have a use for.

Day 25: Do the same with the storage on your laptop or computer!

Day 26: Go through photographs, both digital and physical.

Day 27: Go through items in the dreaded attic (if you don’t have an attic, go through your basement).

Day 28: Now it’s time to get started on de-cluttering the garage.

Day 29: You’ll likely need two days for this!

Day 30: De-clutter and throughly clean your car (including the trunk).

Day 31: On this final day, sort through knick knacks and try to part with some in order to streamline your home.