16 Genius DIYs That Will Turn Your Backyard Into An Organized Oasis

sources: Domesticated Engineer / Houzz / Pinterest

Summertime is all about spending time outdoors. Whether you’re one for the pool, garden, patio, or simply just enjoying the fresh air, you likely spend your evenings and weekends hanging out in your backyard. If you’re looking to turn your backyard into a super organized and beautiful space, check out these awesome DIYs!

1. Patio Table With Cooler

A beautiful wood table with a built-in cooler to store drinks? Yes, please! This beautiful wooden patio table would make for a great weekend project. Click here for the step-by-step.

2. Garden/Tool Shed

Is this not the cutest little garden shed you’ve ever seen? If you don’t have the need or the space for a full-sized shed, you can build one this size to store your gardening essentials. Click here to watch the video tutorial.

3. Palette Organizer

source: Pinterest

If you’re sick of stumbling over pool accessories and wet towels, make yourself a palette organizer. All you need to do is attach a wooden palette to your deck or fence, then add on whatever hooks you like best.

4. Firewood Rack

If you have a fire pit, chances are you need a spot to store your firewood. You can make your own firewood rack quite easily, and there are tons of different styles to choose from. Click here to find out how to make this one (and more!).

5. Fire Pit

source: DIY Network

Speaking of fire pits, if you’ve always wanted one in your backyard, now is the time! Click here to learn how to make your own safe and efficient backyard fire pit. I can hear the s’mores calling, can you?!

6. Hammock

Hammocks are perfect for curling up with a good book, taking a nap, or just hanging out! With a few materials and a bit of patience, you can make your very own. Click here for five different hammock styles and their tutorials.

7. Palette Bike Rack

If you don’t have a garage or shed big enough for bike storage, you can make your own bike rack out of two wooden palettes. This DIY makes parking your bike way more aesthetically pleasing. Click here to see how you can make your own.

8. Foot Washing Station

If you’re sick of sand and dirt getting tracked through your house, just make yourself a handy foot washing station. Click here to find out how to make this quick and simple project.

9. Glow-In-The-Dark Planters

This project is less about organization and more about fun, but it was just too cool not to share. All you have to do is coat your planters with glow-in-the-dark paint. They’ll charge when exposed to the sun during the day, and they’ll glow beautifully at night.

10. Hose-Hiding Planter

Garden hoses always tend to look messy and unsightly. But not when they’re hidden inside a beautiful wooden planter box! Click here to find out how to make this creative DIY.

11. Storage Bench

source: Hometalk

How pretty is this wooden bench with hidden storage underneath? This project is the perfect example of style and functionality. Click here for the instructions on how to make this beauty.

12. Vertical Garden Wall

How charming is this DIY garden wall? You could fill it with herbs or simply your favorite potted flowers. Click here for the full tutorial.

13. Mason Jar Citronella Candles

Nothing puts a damper on spending time outdoors like being swarmed by bugs. Thankfully, you can easily make your own citronella candles using mason jars! Click here for the simple tutorial.

14. Outdoor Shower

Wouldn’t it be nice to cool off in an outdoor shower after an afternoon of yard work, or spending time outside on a super hot day? Click here to learn how to make your own functional and stylish outdoor shower.

15. Stepping Stones

This would be such a fun project to do with your kids. With just a few materials, you can make beautiful, personalized stepping stones for your garden. Click here for this fun tutorial.

16. Outdoor Movie Screen

What could be more fun than having your very own outdoor movie screen? Whether it’s only adults in your family, or you have a bunch of kids, this is a project that everyone can get behind. Click here for the instructions.