12 Smart, Space-Saving Ways To Organize Your Closet And Drawers

sources: AllDayChic / Kitty & Kevin / Better Homes and Gardens

Even if you have a large home (but especially if you have a small one!), it’s important to stay organized. Having to see unsightly messes every day can make you feel frazzled and chaotic, but there are many things you can do to combat this. If your closets and drawers are overflowing with clothing and linens, start there! Here are 12 simple ways to organize these spaces.

1. Keep Bedding Together

source: Oprah.com / David Tsay

If your linen closet looks like a disaster, you’ll appreciate this simple tip. Keep extra bedding together by folding the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase and storing them all in the other pillowcase.

2. Stick Polaroids On Shoe Boxes

source: Pinterest

If you have a Polaroid or disposable camera, take pictures of your shoes and attach the photos to the outside of your shoe boxes. That way, you’ll know exactly where each pair of shoes is being stored in your closet.

3. Cork Board Jewelry Hangers

source: Gurl

Jewelry can look out of control pretty quickly. Just attach some pieces of cork board to the insides of your wardrobe doors and hang all of your jewelry in one organized, visible, and tangle-free place.

4. Vacuum Pack Off-Season Clothing

When spring rolls around, chances are you’re not going to need your down-filled jackets and other winter clothing. Make space in your closets by vacuum packing off-season clothing until you need it again.

5. Use Jewelry Organizers

If you prefer to store your jewelry in drawers, buy yourself a jewelry tray. A compartmentalized tray will make it way easier to keep things organized, and you’ll actually be able to see where certain pieces of jewelry are.

6. Use Shower Rings To Hang Shorts

source: Hometalk

Shorts are one of the most difficult clothing items to store. They always end up in one giant, leaning tower, and you’re never really sure where anything is. Just attach a shower ring to the belt loop, then attach the ring to your closet rod! You’ll be able to hang and see them.

7. Hang Your Scarves

source: Pinterest

Instead of stuffing your scarves in a drawer or basket, you can also use shower rings to hang them on a hanger (or you could just tie them to the hanger). That way, you’ll be able to see and store them much more easily.

8. Label Everything

Baskets are the secret to keep your closets organized. However, it’s important that you label each one so you know exactly where everything is. For example, in your linen closet, label the basket with extra towels, the guest room bedding, bath products, and so on.

9. Use Pop Can Tabs To Double Up On Hangers

To fit more hangers (and clothes!) in your closet, use a pop can tab to attach two hangers together. Smart, right?

10. The Hanger Trick

source: Just Posted

Speaking of hangers, use this trick when it comes to deciding which clothes to keep and which clothes to toss. Turn all hangers so that they are facing in the same direction. Every time you wear something, turn the hanger in the opposite direction. After a year, any clothing on hangers that have stayed in the original position should be donated (since you haven’t worn them).

11. Keep Your Boots Upright

To keep your tall boots from flopping over and losing their shape, stick a wine bottle in each boot to keep them upright. Talk about recycling!

12. Buy Dividers

To keep your lingerie drawer organized (which will also help protect your bras so that they last longer!), consider buying drawer dividers. Doesn’t this look so much nicer than a mountain of bras, underwear, and socks?