15+ Ways To Transform A Backyard Or Outdoor Space

source: Trendir

When the weather is nice, my husband and I are constantly spending time in our backyard. Although I like our yard, there are definitely times when I wish it was a little more grand. If you feel like your backyard is also in need of an upgrade, check out these amazing DIY ideas!

1. String Lights

The easiest, most inexpensive way to make any outdoor space more magical? With string lights!

2. Bar Cart

source: DIY Done Right

Having an outdoor bar cart makes entertaining way more convenient and stylish. You can make your own if you’re handy, or simply buy one.

3. Painted Picnic Table

source: TangoCentric

Bring an artistic flair to your backyard by having a local artist paint something on a picnic table. You can always paint the table yourself, too!

4. Paper Lanterns

source: Paper Lantern Store Blog

Paper lanterns are so inexpensive, but they really can make an outdoor space look magical.

5. Lounge Area

source: TripAdvisor

Every backyard should have a comfortable, cozy lounge area for hanging out in.

6. Outdoor Shower

source: WellMake / Ontario Lakeside/YouTube

An outdoor shower is great for cleaning up after gardening or simply cooling off on a hot summer day.

7. Hammock

A colorful hammock is the perfect place to curl up for a nap or with a good book.

8. Fire Pit

source: HGTV

Fire pits are relatively easy to construct, and they offer unlimited opportunities for relaxing and roasting marshmallows!

9. DIY Movie Screen

source: Crain’s Detroit Business / Dělám kino/Facebook

An old, white bed sheet and a projector are all you need to have your very own outdoor movie screen.

10. Bar

source: Trendir

Because who wouldn’t want their own outdoor bar for summer entertaining?!

11. DIY Greenhouse

source: Our Fairfield Home & Garden / Photo: Moira Sheridan

If you have somewhat of a green thumb, why not create your very own DIY greenhouse?

12. DIY Log Planter

source: Pinterest

Making a log planter isn’t difficult, and they look so much more beautiful than a boring old planter.

13. Hanging Herb Garden

source: Crafts Unleashed

You can have fresh herbs for cooking whenever you want with these hanging herb jars.

14. Pampas Grass

source: HGTV / Shutterstock

Planting pampas grass is an instant way to make your backyard look grand and lush.

15. Vertical Planter

source: Better Homes & Gardens

A vertical planter makes the perfect backdrop for a charming little bistro set.

16. Playhouse

source: My Baby Doo / Bilka

A kids’ playhouse doesn’t have to be tacky and cheap-looking. Use your imagination, and the options are endless (and stylish!).