How To Use A Dollar Store Umbrella To Create A Mini Greenhouse

sources: Instagram/@wldomil | Garden Therapy

I think most of us avid gardeners would feel like we’d died and gone to heaven if we could have a greenhouse on our property. I know I would! Unfortunately, traditional greenhouses require a fair amount of space and money to construct, which isn’t always realistic. Fortunately, there’s an extremely inexpensive way to replicate a miniature version of a greenhouse – and all you need to do is head to your closest dollar store!

source: Garden Therapy

People are using clear, plastic umbrellas found at the dollar store as mini greenhouses. After all, the idea is the same – the clear plastic creates protection from the elements, as well as creating that warm, damp, and humid environment that so many plants thrive in.

source: Instagram/@wldomil

All you have to do is buy a clear umbrella (or as many as you want), stick the stand in the base of the planter, and that’s it! The umbrella will cover the plant, protecting it from frost or hungry animals, and giving it the perfect environment to thrive in.

source: Instagram/@my_little_garden_diary

You can have beautiful plants, even without a full-on greenhouse or a big budget. This genius hack shows that all you need is a vision and a little bit of creativity!