11 People Who Got Super Creative With Their Picnic Tables

sources: Weather Underground / Home Made Modern

Picnic tables are extremely handy. Need to sit a group of people at one convenient place? The picnic table is your solution. The only downside to picnic tables is that they tend to be a little plain-looking and boring. However, they don’t need to be! Here are 11 people who decided to transform their picnic tables in a super creative way.

1. Splash Of Color

source: A Colorful Journey

The owners of this bright and cheery picnic table clearly aren’t afraid of a little color!

2. Citrus-Inspired

source: Natalie Ryan

How fun is this picnic table painted with a lemon motif? I love how the base color is a neutral gray, and the bench is painted with the yellow accent color.

3. Flower Power

source: AndiMetro

If you (or someone you know) is a talented artist, a tabletop mural of a flower is always a great picnic table idea. So beautiful!

4. Sunburst

source: The Home Depot Blog

Use some pre-made stencils to create this awesome sunburst pattern in complementary colors. Some wall decoration items can make it more beautiful.

5. Simple Chevrons

source: PilotSpeed

If you prefer a more subtle look, a simple chevron pattern and base in neutral colors is a great option.

6. Games Table

source: Crafting A Green World

I absolutely love this idea! Paint the surface of a picnic table with a chess or checkers board template. There will be endless fun for your friends and family!

7. Modern And Simple

source: Tobon / Thinking With My Heart

A coat of black or charcoal paint can totally transform a boring old picnic table into a chic and modern one.

8. Watermelon

source: Trucs & Bricolages / Weather Underground

Is there anything cuter than this watermelon-painted picnic table? I don’t think so.

9. Kids’ Paint Project

source: Simply Natural Mom

A kid-sized picnic table and some paints makes for the perfect kids’ art project!

10. Colorful Rainbow

source: Tova Speter

Some painters tape or stencils may be needed to create something like this – but how bright and beautiful is the design?

11. Painted French Linen Runner

source: Home Made Modern

I love the elegance and simplicity of this French linen table runner-inspired paint job. So simple to do, yet so beautiful!