11 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Save Time In The Morning

source: Health Awareness Community

Trying to put your best foot forward is easier said than done. Some mornings, it takes everything in me to make myself look somewhat presentable. If you feel like doing your hair and makeup every day is more of a chore than an enjoyable experience, these lazy girl beauty hacks were basically made for you!

1. Mascara Hack

Run out of liquid eyeliner? No problem. Just dip a thin makeup brush into your mascara tube or wand and it will double as eyeliner!

2. DIY Fan Brush

source: TheGloss

If you don’t love the idea of buying an entire set of makeup brushes, turn your blush or bronzer brush into a fan brush by using a bobby pin.

3. No More Static

On those cold, dry winter days when static seems to follow you everywhere, attach a dryer sheet to the teeth of your brush for static-free hair.

4. Root Touchup

source: Color Wow Hair

If you start sprouting grays in between hair appointments, use eyeshadow and a medium brush to cover them up.

5. Tape Eyeliner Trick

source: British Beauty Addict

Getting the perfect winged liner look is no easy feat. But when you use a piece of scotch tape as a stencil, it will turn out flawlessly.

6. DIY French Manicure

Manicures are expensive, but not when you do them yourself. For a professional-looking French manicure at home, secure an elastic band close to the tip of your nail to use as a guide.

7. Set Lipstick

source: YouTube/MAC Cosmetics

To keep your lipstick in place all day long, hold a piece of kleenex over your lips after you’ve applied lipstick, then dust some setting powder over top.

8. Whiten Those Chompers

source: Smart Girls In / Shutterstock

For bright, white teeth without paying for a professional procedure, just mix together some lemon juice and baking soda and apply the solution to your teeth. Rinse off after about 15 minutes.

9. Clean Your Brushes

source: wikiHow

To quickly and easily clean your makeup brushes and sponges, just rub them in a mixture of lemon essential oil and water. Rinse with cool water, then let them air dry.

10. Blush And Lipstick

When you’re in a pinch, you can use cream blush as lipstick and lipstick as cream blush!

11. Baby Powder

source: Fresh Milk

Don’t have time to wash your hair and you’re all out of dry shampoo? Just sprinkle some baby powder onto your roots, then massage it in before brushing as you normally would.