8 Super Odd Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

source: Dreamstime

With all of the beauty advice floating around on the internet, it can be difficult to determine which methods are actually worth trying. Thankfully, we’ve done all of the work for you. Here are some beauty hacks that might sound super bizarre, but they truly do work wonders.

1. Conceal Dark Circles

source: Us Weekly / YouTube

This one’s going to sound super odd. But if you apply a red or orangey-red lipstick to dark under eye circles (before your foundation), it will effectively cover them up.

2. Reduce The Appearance Of Pimples

source: WikiHow

If you only have a short amount of time to lessen the appearance of a pimple or blemish, make a paste using a crushed Aspirin and a few drops of water. Apply the paste to your pimple for five to ten minutes, then rinse it off.

3. The Perfect Wing

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look is no simple matter. However, it can be if you just use a piece of scotch tape as a stencil!

4. Give Your Lipstick Staying Power

To decrease the risk of your lipstick smearing all over your mouth, hold a piece of tissue over your lips after you’ve applied lipstick, then dust a translucent setting powder onto the tissue.

5. Whiten Your Nails

source: Pinterest

If your nails are looking yellow and dull from repeated nail polish use, apply some toothpaste to them, then let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. Because of the whitening properties in toothpaste, your nails will gradually start to become less discolored.

6. Get Natural Waves

To get natural, beachy-looking waves, braid your hair into medium-sized sections. Then, simply run a flat iron over each braid. When you take your braids out, your hair will look perfectly wavy.

7. Lighten Your Underarms

source: Dreamstime

It’s common for the skin in and around your armpits to become dark and discolored over time. To lighten your underarms (the natural way!), cut a potato in half, then rub the inside part of the potato over your skin. Potatoes contain natural lightening properties — who knew?!

8. DIY Makeup Remover

source: Odyssey

Makeup removing products can be expensive, and they’re often full of harsh, synthetic chemicals. You can easily and naturally remove your makeup using coconut oil instead.