14+ Hacks That Could Save Your Life One Day

sources: ABC / Imminent Threat Solutions

Life is amazingly unpredictable. While things may be sunshine and roses one day, an unexpected event can happen in the blink of an eye. While we might not always be able to predict these events, we can be prepared for them. Here are 15 hacks that can be used in emergency situations that may one day save your life.

1. Emergency Candles

source: Almost Unschoolers

In the event of a power outage when you don’t have or can’t find any candles, use crayons! Since they’re made of wax, they’ll burn just like a small candle would. Be sure to position them someplace where they stay upright, and never leave a burning candle of any kind unattended.

2. Escape A Sinking Car

source: ABC

If you ever happen to find yourself trapped in a sinking car, don’t open the doors. Because of the water pressure, they won’t open. If you have manual windows, crank them down and escape through the windows instead. If you have power windows, kick with all your might at the corners (where the glass is weakest) until they break.

3. Makeshift Mask

source: Fox News

If you find yourself in a fire or other situation with heavy smoke, you can use your bra as a makeshift face mask. Remove your bra and hold the cup over your nose and mouth as you make your way to safety.

4. Treat Small Wounds

source: Off The Grid News / WikiHow

If you have a small cut or wound and you’re far from home, apply some ChapStick over the area. The ChapStick will help seal the cut and keep it free of dirt and bacteria.

5. Floatation Pants

source: Recoil OffGri / YouTube

If you ever have to tread water while awaiting help, remove your pants and knot the ends of each pant leg. Wave the pants in the air to fill them with air. Then, hold the waist of the pants closed as best you can. If you are ever stuck treading water without a life jacket or floatation device, your pants can act as one.

6. Snow Tip

source: Thought Co. / Getty Images

If you’re ever stranded somewhere in the snow, do not eat it! Although you may think snow will hydrate you, the human body has to exert a ton of effort to melt the snow, and you may get hypothermia in the process. Focus on staying warm, dry, and getting help.

7. Self-Defence Spots

source: SlideShare

If you are ever being attacked, remember that an attacker who is bigger than you doesn’t necessarily have to outpower you. Think smart, and remember where the most vulnerable points of the human body are located.

8. Escape Zip Ties

source: Goodfullness / Flickr

Although escaping zip ties might seem like an impossible task, it isn’t! Check out this video to see how you can escape from zip ties if you are ever being held against your will.

9. Failing Car Brakes

If you hit your car’s brakes and notice they aren’t working, it’s important to stay calm. Put your hazard lights on to alert other drivers that you are having a problem. Take your foot off the gas to gradually slow the car down, and shift to lower gears if you have the option. If all else fails, employ the emergency brake. Although it might wreck your car’s transmission, it could also prevent you from getting in a horrible crash.

10. Note Emergency Exits

source: The Receptionist / iStock

Unfortunately, we live in a world where mass shootings and other similar tragedies do happen. Whenever you’re in a crowded space or event, always note where the emergency exits are. Simply having this basic knowledge could aid in your escape plan, if the situation were to ever arise.

11. Wallet Trick

source: Imminent Threat Solutions

If you’re being mugged, throw your wallet as far away from yourself as possible. This will momentarily distract the thief and they will probably run to grab the wallet. When this happens, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction towards help or other people.

12. Keys

source: Concerned Patriot / The Snow Tiger

One of the most common kidnapping and/or mugging scenarios is a woman being followed to her car in an underground parking lot or sparsely populated outdoor parking lot. If you ever happen to be attacked in this kind of situation, use your keys as a weapon. Since they will likely already be in your hand, they’ll be easily accessible.

13. Inform Others

source: Hike & Cycle / Shutterstock

If you’re planning on a hike, camping trip, or other situation (even if you’re not alone, but especially if you are alone), always tell someone you trust your plans. Tell them when you plan on heading out, your intended route, and when you plan to be back. If something goes wrong, that person can work on getting you help if you don’t return at the scheduled time.

14. Stop Bleeding

source: MeowGag / BRIGHTSIDE

If you’re out somewhere and have gotten a cut, use a tampon to stop the bleeding! Tampons are designed to absorb liquid, and they’ll work wonders if you’re ever in a pinch.

15. Fight, Fight, Fight

source: wikiHow

If someone tries to kidnap you, fight with everything you have. Scream, bite, kick, and aim for the places mentioned in #7. Do everything in your power to stay where you are and avoid getting into a vehicle with a kidnapper.