11 Camping Hacks For A Smoother, More Enjoyable Trip

Source: Easy Escapes RV / Trek Southwest

If you enjoy camping with family, friends, or even solo, you’ve likely found yourself in a sticky situation from time to time. Camping is all about only bringing the essentials. But what if you could use the essentials in creative ways to make your experience that must better? The following hacks are designed to make your camping trip more comfortable and more enjoyable.

1. Homemade Bug Spray

One of the most unpleasant parts of camping is definitely dealing with bugs. To ward off insects (especially ticks!), make your own insect repellent by mixing together one part tea tree oil with two parts water in a spray bottle. Don’t just use on your skin — you can spray your clothing, shoes, and tent as well.

2. Hand Washing Station

source: Chikazato

Sure, camping is about embracing nature and dirt, but you should always ensure your hands are clean before eating. Use a water jug with a stopper for a quick rinse, and always have a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby.

3. Use Water Bottles In Your Cooler

Freeze a bunch of water bottles before you set out, then add them to your cooler among your food. They’ll keep your food cool, and you can drink the water bottles when they eventually melt.

4. Portable Shower Head

There’s no worse feeling than being stinky and filthy halfway through a camping trip with no real way to get clean. Invest in a portable shower head that you can hook up to any hoses on your campsite and hang in a tree or other elevated space.

5. Eco-Friendly Trail Markers

It’s always a good idea to carry trail markers with you, especially if you’re hiking alone. You can buy eco-friendly trail markers that are biodegradable to reduce your impact on the environment.

6. Portable Coffee

Instant coffee is generally gross, but you don’t have to worry about that with this clever product. There are portable mini coffee filters that you can simply place over any mug. Click here to find out even more ways you can brew coffee while camping.

7. Shave Your Soap

I know what you may be thinking. Shave your soap?! But by shaving your soap into a few thin pieces, you have a single-use solution to carting around a dirty, soggy bar of soap. Smart, right?

8. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Instead of using a damp or soggy toilet paper roll, just stick it inside an old coffee canister and cut a slit down the side. You can also add a string or handle to the top to hang it somewhere convenient.

9. Know Your Wildlife And Plants

source: WedMD

Before you set out on your trip, it’s vitally important that you research the area you’re camping in. Is there any specific wildlife you should know about? Do you know how to identify poisonous plants? Knowing these things could be the difference between a great trip and an awful one.

10. Foam Tiles

source: Pinterest

You know those foam tiles you see in people’s play rooms or in daycares? Well, those will be your best friend when it comes to lining the floor of your tent. They’ll help keep your stuff dry and will make your sleep so much more comfortable.

11. Sooth Insect Bites

 If you’re becoming miserable from itchy insect bites and don’t have an after-bite product, don’t worry. Dabbing toothpaste or deodorant on the bites will help stop the itch.

Now that you know these genius hacks, you’re ready to set out and enjoy the great outdoors. Happy trails!