How To Escape Zip Ties – Important Life Hack

source: Bugout News

In many movies and TV shoes, we often see people being held hostage and restrained with zip ties. Unfortunately, this is a very real reality in kidnapping, burglary, and hostage situations. And although none of us ever expect that a terrifying ordeal like this will happen to us, it’s so important to know how to get out of one.

source: Fast Tech

YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker shared a video explaining his method for escaping zip ties. In the video, he demonstrates how you can use your shoe or boot laces to snap the zip ties. Basically, the friction generated from rubbing the laces against the plastic of the zip ties will cause them to snap. Watch the video below to see this method in action (and also how to escape double zip-tied wrists).

Of course, if you were to ever be abducted and held against your will, your captors might not be using zip ties to restrain you. Click here for a bunch of tips explaining how to escape duct tape restraints, handcuffs, rope, and three additional methods of escaping zip ties.

If you do find yourself in this situation, it’s important that you don’t attempt to escape until you know that you have an actual chance of fleeing. If you remain calm and focused, your captors might assume you’re not a flight risk, and they may leave you alone for a little while. This is your chance to start finding a way out. It might seem silly to talk about these things, as the chances of an abduction situation are extremely rare. However, this does happen in real life, and knowing how to escape could mean the difference between life and death.