11 Unexpected Uses For ChapStick

sources: Cleverly / CrossFit Acadia

You probably think that ChapStick has one use and one use alone: soothing chapped lips. However, ChapStick can surprisingly be used for a ton of different things that have nothing to do with moisturizing your lips! After reading this list, we’re willing to bet you’ll see your ChapStick in an entirely new light!

1. Tame Your Brows

If your eyebrows are looking a little unruly, you can easily smooth them back into place with a little bit of clear ChapStick.

2. Free A Stuck Zipper

Dealing with a stuck zipper? Just apply a bit of ChapStick on the zipper’s teeth and it should free right up.

3. Sun Protection

If you’ve accidentally forgotten to apply sunscreen on a sunny day, a ChapStick with SPF can be applied to your cheeks, nose, and other vulnerable areas to prevent a sunburn.

4. Remove A Stuck Ring

If a too-tight ring is stuck on your finger, applying some ChapStick to your finger should help it to slide right off.

5. Soothe A Bug Bite

source: Quick and Dirty Tips / Shutterstock

Believe it or not, a few dabs of medicated ChapStick can help relieve the itch of a bug bite.

6. Preserve Garden Tools

source: Miracle-Gro

To prevent your gardening tools from rusting, apply some ChapStick to their metal parts before putting them away.

7. Remove Long-Lasting Lip Color

source: Adore Beauty

If you’ve applied some long-lasting lipstick and are ready to take it off, apply a few coats of ChapStick over top. After a few minutes, the lip color should wipe right off.

8. Prevent Blisters

source: Bright Side

To prevent a nasty blister, apply some ChapStick to your heels and other blister-prone areas before putting your shoes on.

9. Heal A Paper Cut

source: Boredom Therapy / Cleverly

To heal a painful paper cut, just swipe some clear ChapStick onto the area.

10. Unstick A Light Socket

source: LifeHacker

Trying to screw a new lightbulb onto an old, sticky socket can be difficult. Just apply a small amount of ChapStick around the socket and the bulb should slide right on.

11. Hide Valuables

A hollowed-out tube of ChapStick is the perfect place to hide cash and other small valuables while at the beach, a public pool, etc.