12+ Deep Cleaning Tips To Practice For A Spotless Home

sources: Today's Homeowner / Krazy Coupon Lady

Cleaning the entire house is a chore that many of us procrastinate. However, if you practice these simple cleaning tips as you go, you won’t be left with an entire house that needs to be scrubbed down. People with spotless homes know about these hacks, and now you will, too!

1. Clean Light Fixtures

Spritz a pair of cotton gloves with some Windex, slip the gloves on, and use your hands to clean glass light fixtures and bulbs.

2. Dust Ceiling Fans

source: Advanced Ceiling Systems

You’d probably be disgusted to see how much dust is sitting on your ceiling fan blades. Slip an old pillow case over each blade to trap the dust and prevent it from getting all over the room.

3. Clean The Washing Machine

source: Simply Simple

Your washing machine needs to be cleaned every so often to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from living there. Pour a cup or two of distilled vinegar in your machine and run it on an empty hot water cycle.

4. Deodorize Your Mattress

source: freshmommyblog.com

To deodorize your mattress, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over it. Let it sit for about eight hours, then use a vacuum to suck up the residue.

5. Disinfect Your Broom

source: Krazy Coupon Lady

Your broom is probably filthy without you even realizing it. To disinfect your broom, soak it in a bucket of hot, soapy water. Let it sit for about half an hour, then rinse and let air dry.

6. Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

To prevent harmful bacteria from living in the grain of your wood cutting boards, use the fleshy side of a lemon and coarse salt to scrub it down before rinsing.

7. Unclog A Shower Head

If your shower head isn’t letting the normal amount of water pass through, fill a plastic bag with distilled vinegar and fasten it to the shower head. Let it sit overnight, then remove the bag and the water should run freely.

8. Dust The Blinds

source: PopSugar

Don’t forget to dust your blinds! The easiest way to do so is by placing a sock over your hand and wiping your hand down each blind.

9. Revive Your Pillows

source: SleepLander / image via classycutter.com

Start by washing your pillows in the washing machine with detergent and a bit of bleach. Next, toss your pillows in the dryer with a few tennis balls to make them plump and fluffy again.

10. Restore Leather Furniture

source: Leather Honey

If your leather furniture is looking dry and scuffed, a soft cloth and a bit of olive oil will make it look moisturized and new again.

11. Wash Shower Curtains

source: laraadler.com

Even your shower curtains need to be washed from time to time. The curtain itself can be thrown in the washing machine with some detergent, and you can clean plastic liners by scrubbing them down with distilled vinegar and baking soda.

12. Clean Glass Stovetops

source: DIY Network

To clean residue and burnt food off a glass stovetop, sprinkle down the surface with baking soda. Use a cloth soaked in hot, soapy water to scrub down the surface before wiping it clean with another damp cloth.

13. Clean Electric Stove Coils

source: Apartment Therapy

It’s not surprising that electric stove coils can get pretty dirty over time. All you have to do is make a paste using baking soda and water. Coat the paste onto the coils and let it sit for half an hour before wiping it off with a damp cloth.