The Importance Of Washing Your Pillows – Not Just Your Pillow Cases

source: onegoodthingbyjillee

I wash all of our pillow cases each and every week. It’s a simple way to deter bacteria from coming in contact with our faces, plus, it just makes everything smell and feel fresh. You’re (hopefully) quite familiar with washing your pillow cases as well, but how often do you wash your actual pillows?

source: Consumer Reports

Although pillow cases are designed to protect our pillows, it doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to bacteria, dust mites, and more. If you’re sick or sweating in your sleep, your pillow case can’t do all that much to stop germs and sweat from seeping through your pillow case onto your actual pillow.

There are different recommendations for how to wash different types of pillows, but it’s important to wash them from time to time, regardless of the type! And when you’re done washing them, it’s important to remember this tip. When putting your pillows in the dryer, set the dryer on a hot heat cycle. Add a couple tennis balls into the dryer as well.

source: Classy Clutter

The high heat will help kill any lingering germs and bacteria, and the tennis balls will help return your pillows to their original fluffy state. Now that you know these simple yet helpful tips, it’s time to stop neglecting your pillows!