8 Things To Get In The Practice Of Cleaning Every Day

Cleaning can be downright exhausting. After a hectic day, you probably just want to sit down and turn on the TV — not get out the cleaning supplies. However, there are certain things in your home that you should get in the practice of cleaning each and every day.
Although you may do some of these already, we’re betting that there are definitely some you’re missing. Because we use these things so often, sometimes it doesn’t even cross our minds that we should be cleaning them super regularly.
Thankfully for you, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things you should never go a day without cleaning.

1. Sponges

Just because we use sponges to clean doesn’t mean that they are clean. Make sure you’re cleaning your sponges in hot water and soap (or white vinegar, for a natural yet powerful clean) each day. To limit the amount of bacteria your sponges pick up, ensure you’re keeping them away from raw meat juices. To keep bacteria off of your dishes, throw out your sponge after a week or two — at the latest.

2. Kitchen Counter

Since you know how much bacteria sponges can hold, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that your kitchen counter can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Think about it — your countertops are constantly coming into contact with food, household items, and even garbage. To avoid bacteria buildup, try to wipe down your counters with vinegar or a disinfectant before you go to bed every night.

source: instagram @beckiowens

3. TV Remote

We’ve heard about the studies. We know that our hands carry bacteria, even when we’re in the practice of washing them often. And since your hands are the main things touching your TV remote, it’s obviously going to carry bacteria, too. Use a disinfecting wipe to limit the spread of germs and viruses.

source: instagram @atricanhomecat

4. Cell Phone

On that note, you wouldn’t believe how filthy our cellphones can become. This will probably freak you out, but studies say that phone screens are generally dirtier than toilet seats. Ummm, ew! Don’t fret — you can keep your phone clean by investing in both a screen protector and case to limit the amount of germs your phone comes in contact with. Additionally, you can use a cleaning spray on some paper towel to wipe down your screen, as well as the rest of your phone.

source: instagram @iclarified

5. Tea Towels

Again, anything that your hands come into frequent contact with is going to pick up and store germs. Mix this together with food and spills, and you’ve got yourself some dirty dish towels. Although you may let weeks go by without washing your tea towels, consider swapping them out and washing them daily to limit the presence of germs within your kitchen.


6. Your Dishes

When you’re tired, a sink full of dirty dishes is often the last thing on your mind. However, leaving dirty dishes for extended periods of time causes bacteria buildup and can attract fruit flies, bugs, and even pests. So, just wash ’em!

source: instagram @eat_foodheals

7. Bathroom Vanities

We generally spend a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror brushing our teeth, combing our hair, applying makeup, etc. So, it’s no surprise that your bathroom counters can harbour a ton of germs. Aim to do a thorough bathroom clean once a week, but try to wipe down your bathroom vanities with a disinfectant every day.


8. Kitchen Floors

Although all floors get dirty over time, our kitchen floors see the most action. Between food, garbage, and pets (my dog is a massive drooler), our kitchen floors tend to take a worse beating than the others. Even if you just do a quick sweep and Swiffer every day, you’ll be ridding tons of bacteria from your kitchen.


What’s something in your house that you would never go a day without cleaning? Comment and let us know!