Common Plumbing Mistakes You Might Want to Avoid


Do you have a toilet that runs continuously, a leaking pipe connection, or dripping faucets? It is possible you are thinking of how to deal with the issues. Actually, it is something many people do through following the right guidance. Apart from the know-how, there is a need to have the relevant tools before embarking on anything. It makes everything proceed well. Such tasks give you some practical experience in the working of plumbing fixtures.

As a DIY enthusiast, your accuracy is much-needed. Otherwise, this will add more to the problem you are struggling to deal with. Sometimes, the errors made may go unnoticed for days only to emerge later with more intensity. Therefore, if you hardly have an idea of what to do, never hesitate to engage a plumber. There are specific main plumbing mistakes that people do.

Flushing Unnecessary Items

The structure of the toilet is designed perfectly to avoid blockage. It is common to see people sending many solid things down the toilet. This is not recommendable as it brings about clogging in pipes. At first, everything may seem fine but with the continuous piling, a block will be certain. This is common when something gets stuck at the drain line due to its shape.

For the kids, their curiosity leads them to throw solid items such as unused toys into the toilet. To avoid such, give them some guidance on why avoiding this is important. Have some toilet lids always since this prevents the accidents of things dropping in without your notice.

Wrong Assembling of the Faucets

Putting apart a faucet is simple in most cases. Most brands make the whole process much easier due to the user-friendly design. Putting things back in their right positions is where the problem begins. Most of the parts seem to look entirely the same. If you lack the right manual, it may take you a lot of time to figure out what next.

This is why taking video on the whole dissembling process is necessary. Also, have images of the faucet before working on it. This acts as your reference when things start being tricky. If still, you are unsure, it is prudent to hire a plumber. He or she knows how to not only do the fixing but suggest other modifications. The plumbing specialists from guide on what a proper faucet assembling looks like. Seeking professional help allows you to ask questions on the specific brands of your plumbing fixtures.

Lack of the Right Tools

There are specific tasks such as tightening of the joints which require plumbing tools. Having a spanner, tongue-and-groove pliers, and adjustable wrench is paramount. As a DIY fan, the right tools will edge you closer to being successful with the repairs. It lowers the chances of complications happening when certain fittings are not done right.

For a leaking pipe, the sealing needs to be done correctly and in this case, a thread sealing tape may work best for you. Source-in the best brands in the market for much success to come your way. With the right selection, there will be the protection of certain plumbing fixtures. One example is using a Phillips head screwdriver instead of a flat head screwdriver. This helps in preventing damage to the screw’s head.

When using the tools, avoid over-tightening. For the connections to be fitting, much pressure needs to be applied for the total closure of gaps. However, there is a limit to this as going too far with the tightening brings complications. For the elbow, coupling, and galvanized pipes, this causes cracking.

Usage of Excess Drain Cleaner

Commercial drain cleaners are effective in the removal of drain clogs and any built-up residue. Excess usage of these products can create more problems than you can ever imagine. Follow the manufacturer’s guide to the letter as it shows the limit not to expose your drain too. It feels tempting to use more amounts when the clogs or residues are taking long to disappear.

Most synthetic drain cleaners are made using strong chemicals to effortlessly deal with the clogs. This is why excess can bring about the eat-up of the walls. The metal pipes are the most affected as the metal reactions with the chemicals take place. PVC pipes are not safe completely as there are cases when they start to weaken and eventually break.

One perfect solution for this is avoiding the chemicals in all ways. Replace this with natural homemade products such as vinegar. Baking soda is also a worthy solution for the removal of clogs. Later, use a plunger to do the opening of the drain.

For the drain and pipe connections to be perfectly working, the installation ought to be done right. The same case applies to the repairs. At times, handling simple fixtures such as removal of clogs and tightening of joints need much care. This prevents the worsening of the plumbing problem. Seeking professional help from a plumber is necessary.