Couple Designs Cozy Shipping Container Tiny Home

source: TinyHouseListings

Tiny homes are a wonderful living trend. They allow for people to have mortgage-free, inexpensive, and mobile lifestyles. Plus, they promote a less materialistic, more simplified life. We’ve seen some pretty cool tiny homes, but this one is definitely towards the top of the list. This tiny home may look like a red shipping container from the outside, but the inside is cozy, beautiful, and has everything you’d ever need!

Gray, wide-panelled floors and complementary wall panels make the interior cozy and rustic. Clever storage solutions like the hanging pot rack are found throughout the home.

source: TinyHouseListings

Here’s a closeup of the kitchen, because it’s just so darn cute! I love the eggshell blue cabinets.

source: TinyHouseListings

The cozy bedroom is decorated in neutral linens and has floating shelves for storing small belongings.

The washroom is surprisingly spacious, cleverly designed, and even has a stackable washing machine and dryer.

If you’d love nothing more than to live in this shipping container home, you’re in luck! It can be yours for $40,000. Click here to see more photos of the listing.