15 Great Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

source: Family Handyman

Living in an apartment, small home, or other space-limited place definitely poses its challenges. How do you store your belongings without making the place look cluttered and overcrowded? Check out these 15 easy, super clever storage ideas that are specifically designed for small spaces.

1. Towel Bars

source: The ELM Life

If you’re dealing with limited washroom space, towel bars make for the perfect storage solution! You can hang baskets and bins on the bars to store your toiletries and other washroom necessities.

2. Wall Hooks

Two wall hooks make for an excellent place to hang an ironing board. You could even fasten the hooks to the back of a door if wall space is limited.

3. Magnetic Utensils

source: Make Space / Homedit

Although this idea might not be suitable if you have children, magnetic utensil strips are a great way to free up drawer space.

4. Command Hooks

source: WatchMeDIY.com

Attach Command Hooks to the inside of your bathroom cupboards to hang up hair straighteners, curling irons, and other hair tools.

5. Wire Baskets

source: Homedit / Shabby Love

Wire baskets allow you to store cutting boards in a convenient, accessible place while also keeping them out of the way.

6. Rolling Bins

source: Snorezing / Jaime Costiglio

Bins with wheels on them allow you to store and easily access clothing, shoes, etc. under your bed.

7. Custom Medicine Cabinet

If you don’t have any counter space in your bathroom, you can cut out little grooves in your medicine cabinet’s shelf to keep your toothbrushes in.

8. Stair Storage

source: Design Ideas for the Built World / Decoist

If you’re really pressed for storage space, a great carpentry project would be to create cupboards or drawers under the stairs.

9. Over-The-Door Organizer

source: Monarch Way

An over-the-door organizer makes for a great way to store cleaning supplies, etc.

10. Floor Joists

source: Family Handyman

Utilize every inch of your basement by screwing wire shelving racks to the bottom of your floor joists. That way, you can easily store bins and baskets in between them.

11. Hidden Keys

source: Planq Studio

A hinged frame in the front hallway makes for the perfect spot to hide and hang your keys.

12. Repurpose Detergent Bottles

source: The Family Handyman

Cut out openings in empty laundry detergent bottles to easily store and grab nails, screws, and other hardware.

13. Ottoman Storage

A narrow ottoman parked at the foot of the bed is perfect for storing shoes in.

14. Corner Desk

If you need a work space but are dealing with a very small room, a corner desk is a great solution.

15. Book Bed Frame

And lastly, you can use a hollowed-out bed stand as a convenient bookshelf! How clever is that?