Apparently, Women Are Putting Toothpaste On Their Chests To Make Them Bigger And Firmer

sources: Beauty Dart

In the latest of weird and wacky beauty trends, women are applying toothpaste to their breasts in order to make them bigger, perkier, and more firm. Tons of beauty bloggers have taken to the internet to share their experiences with this trend. Don’t believe me? Just watch the video below.

In the video, a YouTuber by the name of Editorial Naturalbeauty556 applies a mixture of toothpaste, cucumber, yoghurt, and flour to her breasts. She claims that if you do this for five days, you will see tighter, bigger breasts by the end of it.

However, other YouTubers are revealing that this is, in fact, a myth. YouTuber MakeupMesha decided to apply a solution of Vaseline and toothpaste to her breasts for a whole 30 days. Right away, she explains that this trend absolutely does not work. Click on the video below to hear what she had to say about this wacky trend.

So, what do health professionals have to say about applying toothpaste to your breasts? According to Doctor Jennifer Wider, “It may give a temporary feeling of tightness when the toothpaste dries, but that will quickly disappear when you wash off the toothpaste.”

When it comes to a product designed for cleaning your teeth, it’s probably best to leave toothpaste for that purpose and that purpose alone. The ingredients in toothpaste might even be an irritant to many people’s skin, so it doesn’t seem worth the risk — whatsoever.