How To Fold A Fitted Sheet In 30 Seconds Flat

source: Garnet Hill / YouTube

If you’ve always been able to fold a fitted sheet, you must be magical. I have never been able to fold a fitted sheet, so unless I’m putting one straight on the mattress, I end up shoving them into a giant ball and cramming them into the linen closet. Needless to say, this isn’t the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing way of folding and storing a fitted sheet!

Thankfully, one video is here to save the day when it comes to properly folding a fitted sheet. In just a few simple steps (and 30 seconds!), you can fold a fitted sheet and have it looking fabulous. This method is best performed on a flat surface, so if you have a large dining room table, that’s the place to start.

source: Design Mom

Basically, this method is a combination of positioning and folding. After making a nice square out of your sheet, you fold it into thirds, and then keep folding it in until it makes one neat square. There are just six steps shown in the video below, and after learning this method, you’ll never want to ball up your fitted sheets ever again! Just think of how organized your linen closet is going to look.