12 Unexpected Ways To Use Epsom Salt Around The House

sources: The GFCF Lady / Medical News Today

When you think of epsom salt, you probably think of using it to soak in a warm bath. Epsom salt has many soothing properties, making it great for alleviating pain from sore muscles. However, epsom salt can also be used in a ton of different ways around your home. Here’s how!

1. Transplant Flowers

Transplanting flowers from one part of your garden to another can be hard on them. Sometimes, the plant will die in the new location. However, sprinkling some epsom salt at the bottom of the hole before you replant the flower will help make the transplantation smoother.

2. Skin Exfoliator

If you mix a few tablespoons of epsom salt with either olive or coconut oil, you’ll have yourself your very own homemade skin exfoliating scrub. Hello, smooth and soft skin!

3. Reduce Infections

If you have a yucky-looking hangnail or toe fungus, add a few tablespoons of epsom salt to some warm water, then soak the area in question. The epsom salt will help to draw out the infection.

4. Stops The Itch

If you have a mosquito bite or other itchy bug bite, add a few teaspoons of epsom salts to some cold water, then soak a wash cloth in the water. Next, hold the wash cloth to your bite. The combination of the epsom salt and cool water will help to relieve the itch.

5. Hair Cleanser

If your hair is full of hairspray, oil, or other products, you can use epsom salt to make a hair cleanser. Just mix a few teaspoons of epsom salt with water and lemon juice, then apply the solution to your hair. After rinsing, your hair should feel smooth and clean.

6. Slug Deterrent

If slugs are terrorizing your garden, just sprinkle some epsom salt over top of the soil. Slugs hate epsom salt and will be sure to steer clear of the area.

7. Rose Fertilizer

For some reason, rose bushes respond really well to epsom salt. If you sprinkle some epsom salt around the base of a rose plant about once a month, it will encourage them to grow faster.

8. Sea Salt Hair Spray

source: wikiHow

Want to rock those voluminous, beachy-looking waves? Just add a teaspoon or two of epsom salt and water to a spray bottle, then spritz throughout your hair while scrunching it. Your hair will look like you’ve just spent a day at the beach without spending a ton of money on pricey products.

9. Tile And Grout Cleaner

source: houzz

If you want to get your tile and grout looking fresh and clean the natural way, mix some epsom salt with liquid dish soap and apply to the areas you want to clean. After scrubbing them with a brush and rinsing well, they’ll look brand new.

10. House Plant Fertilizer

Depending on the condition of the home, some house plants need a little more encouragement in order to flourish. Once a month, sprinkle a bit of epsom salt in your house plant’s soil before watering to give them an extra fertilizing boost.

11. Removes Splinters

Dissolve a few spoonfuls of epsom salt in about one cup of water. Once the salt is totally dissolved, soak the area where you have a splinter for about 10 minutes. When you go to remove the splinter with tweezers afterwards, it will come out much more easily.

12. Relives Sunburns

source: LoveToKnow / Polka Dot Photography

To soothe a sunburn, dissolve a few tablespoons of epsom salt in about one cup of water. Let the solution cool, then transfer it to a spray bottle with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. When you spray the solution onto your sunburn, it will soothe your skin and take away some of the sting.