15+ Easy Ways To Turn Everyday Objects Into Something New

source: Craftify My Love / A Little Learning for Two

Each year, I set new goals for reducing waste and being more resourceful. There are so many ways to use things you already have around the house that you may think are useless, but they’re actually quite the opposite. Here are 16 extremely easy ways to turn everyday objects into something entirely new!

1. Toilet Paper Rolls

source: DIY Photography / Instructables

Empty toilet paper rolls can be used for a ton of different things! One great way to use an empty toilet paper roll is as a cord organizer. Label each one and you’ll never have to deal with a tangled jumble of cords again.

2. Coffee Cans

source: Swiish

Clean out some empty coffee canisters, paint them, and apply some labels to the front. You can use them to plant herbs in for cooking with!

3. Wine Corks

If you make a cut about halfway up a wine cork, you can use it as a sort of clip to keep bags of food closed.

4. Baby Food Jars

source: Gazing In

Empty baby food jars make for the perfect things to store spices in! If you have a label maker, it’ll make this simple project even better.

5. Clothes Hanger

source: Homedit / Better Homes & Gardens

Hangers aren’t just for clothes! You can use a hanger to hang up and display newspapers, magazines, etc.

6. Old Drawers

source: Home and Garden / Craftify My Love

Old drawers can be fastened to the wall and used for quick and easy shelving!

7. Perfume Bottles

source: Walter and May / Amanda Greenwood

When you’ve used up all of your perfume, clean out the bottle and use it as a small flower vase.

8. Candlesticks

Old candlesticks are an aesthetically pleasing way to hold your bracelets.

9. Baby Crib

If you don’t want to part with your baby’s crib, you can transform it into a children’s desk or craft area.

10. Magazine Holders

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Flip magazine holders on their sides and use them to create “shelving” in your freezer.

11. Teacups

source: Buy This Cook That

If you some have old teacups lying around that you never use, why not use them to plant succulents and other small plants or herbs in?

12. Bread Tags

source: HomeHacks

Label some bread tags and attach them to your different cords. That way, you’ll always be able to clearly see which cord leads where.

13. Mailbox

source: Krafty Kristen

Stick an old mailbox in your garden. Instead of holding mail, use it to store gardening gloves and gardening tools.

14. Egg Cartons

source: ToughNickel

Empty egg cartons are perfect for planting seedlings in! Just remember to poke a tiny hole in the bottom of each cup so there is somewhere for the excess water to drain through.

15. Socks

source: Pinterest / An English Accent

Run out of Swiffer pads? No problem. Just use a pair of old fuzzy socks instead! You can simply toss them in the washing machine and keep on using them.

16. Colander

source: Sadie Seasongoods

Use an old colander as a hanging basket! If you don’t have one hanging around the kitchen, you can usually find those vintage enamel ones at antique stores and flea markets.

The next time you’re thinking of tossing an item, remember to ask yourself – is there some other way to repurpose this? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be yes!