15+ Awesome Ways To Reuse Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Around Your Home

source: Site for Everything

There are so many ways to repurpose things we may initially consider to be worthless. You probably toss your empty toilet paper rolls straight into the recycling bin, but you really shouldn’t! Here are 15+ awesome, creative ways to reuse empty toilet paper rolls around your home.

1. Bird Feeder

source: considerable.

Coat an empty toilet paper roll in peanut butter, then roll it in some bird feed. Use a string to hang it from a tree outside, and you’ve got your very own bird feeder!

2. Pencil Holder

source: Craftionary

Wrap some decorative paper around empty toilet paper rolls and fasten them together. You’ll have great storage for pencils, pencil crayons, and more.

3. Cord Organizer

source: thecrazyorganizedblog.com

Use empty toilet paper rolls to neatly store your loose cords. You can go the extra mile by labelling each one!

4. Secure Wrapping Paper

source: mercesantosbaking.wordpress.com

To keep wrapping paper rolls from unravelling, cut a slit in an empty toilet paper roll and fasten it around the wrapping paper to keep everything in place.

5. Glasses Case

source: Pinterest

An empty toilet paper roll covered in a bit of fabric instantly becomes a cheap and cheerful glasses case.

6. Cat Toys

source: Pinterest

With a bit of cutting and pasting, you can make a bunch of free toys for your feline friend!

7. Phone Holder

Attach some “legs” to an empty toilet paper roll and you’ve got yourself a great little phone holder/stand.

8. Fire Starter

source: Leann’s Tastes

Filling some toilet paper rolls with dryer lint will make for the easiest, cheapest fire starters around.

9. Seed Starter Pots

Cardboard makes for the perfect tool to help seedlings flourish. Click here for the tutorial on this simple project.

10. Gift Boxes

source: Red Ted Art

Folding in the edges of a toilet paper roll makes for an adorable gift box. Put jewellery and other small gifts inside!

11. Mini Crowns

source: Wonderful Creations Blog

Toilet paper rolls can be turned into charming little crowns for a child’s birthday party.

12. Yarn Holder

An empty toilet paper roll is a simple yet effective way to hold and distribute yarn.

13. Kids Craft

There are tons of kids crafts involving empty toilet paper rolls. This butterfly craft is just one of them!

14. Christmas Crackers

source: Squawk Fox

Hosting a holiday party or dinner? Make your own Christmas crackers for guests using decorative paper, ribbon, and empty toilet paper rolls.

15. Butterfly Feeder

source: Handmade Charlotte

Attract more butterflies to your garden by making a butterfly feeder/sanctuary. Click here for the tutorial.

16. Advent Calendar

source: DIY Enthusiasts

And last but not least, you can use empty toilet paper rolls to make this festive holiday advent calendar!