9 Things Grandma Would Have Never Thrown Away: Reuse Them Instead!

source: Shutterstock

While being a pack rat isn’t ideal, it’s also not good to just throw everything away. There are certain things our grandmothers surely reused that we probably don’t consider to hold any value. But repurposing the following items will save you money and limit the amount of waste you produce!

1. Veggie Scraps

source: Mashup Mom

Don’t toss away vegetable peels and stocks! You can easily make a vegetable broth or stock with your scraps. You can also toss some potato peels in olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other spices of your choice for some delicious, crispy potato skins. Anything you can’t use can be composted for your garden.

2. Wine And Beer Bottles

source: Uncommon Designs

Remove the labels from wine and beer bottles and use them to display flowers! You can also use them as DIY candle holders. If you’re not the DIY type, take them back to the beer store and get money for your empties!

3. Newspapers

source: Grist / Shutterstock

Did you know that covering your soil with damp newspaper will prevent weeds from growing? It’s also handy to keep a stack of newspaper around for packing up breakables, etc.

4. Citrus Peels

source: Tory Avey

Soaking citrus peels in hot water creates a natural disinfectant you can use to clean the surfaces throughout your home. Placing citrus peels in a musty closet or basement can also help to deodorize the space and leave it smelling fresh.

5. Pennies

source: Next Luxury

If you have jars and jars of pennies lying around that you know you’ll never use, why not turn them into a beautiful penny floor or mirror?

6. Mason Jars

source: DIY Projects / BLDG25

The uses for mason jars are seriously endless. You can use them to store dry goods in your pantry, as a DIY soap dispenser for your washroom, and for beautiful decor pieces.

7. Bed Sheets

source: Sadie Seasongoods

If you have an excess of bed sheets or other linens lying around, why not upcycle them into a handmade apron, pyjama pants, patchwork quilt, or doll clothes?

8. Egg Shells

source: Gardenista

Placing crushed egg shells throughout your garden will deliver a boost of calcium to the soil, causing your plants to thrive. Egg shells also deter pests from destroying your plants.

9. Used Dryer Sheets

source: MakeSpace / Simplistically Sassy

Used dryer sheets are the perfect tool for dusting. They absorb and trap dust, and leave surfaces static-free (thus preventing dust from accumulating there in the first place).