Great Reasons To Keep Citrus Peels

source: 1 Million Women

Many of us eat oranges and clementines on a regular basis. And pretty much all of us use lemons for cooking and to add to drinks. When you eat these citrus fruits, you shouldn’t throw away the peels! You can use these peels for a number of different purposes, so make sure you hang on to them from here on out!

source: CanningCrafts

One great use for citrus peels is to turn them into a natural cleaning solution. Simply add your citrus peels to a mason jar and fill the jar with distilled vinegar. Seal up the jar and let it sit for about two weeks. After two weeks, compost the peels and keep the leftover solution. You’ll have a natural disinfectant that’s great for household cleaning.

You can also use citrus peels to deodorize your garbage can or garborator. Citrus peels are also great for cleaning stainless steel sinks and wooden cutting boards. Yet another great use for citrus peels is to grate them for the zest. Tossing in some orange or lemon zest is an excellent way to spruce up any dish.

source: The Parsimonious Princess

Now that you know about these awesome uses for citrus peels, hopefully you’ll hang onto them! If you can use them for these great purposes and reduce your food waste, it’s certainly a win-win situation for everyone.