14 Surprising Uses For Hair Conditioner

source: YouTube/Zabrena

You probably have only ever used conditioner while in the shower to moisturize your hair. And while this is definitely conditioner’s intended use, it can also be used for a ton of other things around the house. Here they are!

1. Unshrink Clothes

source: Almost The Real Thing

If you’ve accidentally shrunk a piece of clothing, it’s conditioner and water to the rescue! Click here for the tutorial.

2. Moisturize Dry Feet

source: StyleCraze / Depositphotos

If your feet are cracked and dry, moisturize them with some conditioner!

3. Free A Stuck Zipper

source: eDrugSearch / Little Things

If you’re dealing with a stuck zipper, dab a little bit of conditioner onto the teeth of the zipper.

4. Loosen A Stuck Ring

source: Reader’s Digest / iStock

If a too-tight ring is stuck on your finger, rub the area with some conditioner to help it glide off.

5. Polish Shoes

source: Executive Style

A small amount of conditioner and a clean cloth will polish shoes and make them shine like the day you bought them.

6. Silence A Squeaky Hinge

source: Shutterstock

A squeaky hinge can be silenced by rubbing some conditioner across it.

7. DIY Shaving Cream

Run out of shaving cream? Conditioner will do the trick!

8. Clean Makeup Brushes

source: Self

Everyone should clean their makeup brushes on a semi-regular basis to keep them free of bacteria. Conditioner and warm water are all you need!

9. Clean Stainless Steel

source: Pinterest

Did you know that conditioner will make chrome and stainless steel appliances look shiny and new again?

10. Makeup Remover

source: Fashion 101 / iStock

You can use conditioner to remove makeup! Just be careful not to get it in your eyes.

11. Leave-In Conditioner

source: MommyPotamus

Dilute a small amount of conditioner with water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Spray on damp hair when you get out of the shower for your very own leave-in conditioner!

12. Wash Delicates

source: Good Housekeeping

When washing lingerie and other delicates, use conditioner instead of detergent! It will protect your garments and leave them feeling extremely soft.

13. Polish Jewelry

source: Huffington Post / iStock

Did you know that a dab of conditioner will polish and shine up your tarnished jewelry?

14. Cuticle Moisturizer

source: Reader’s Digest / iStock

To soften and moisturize your cuticles, use conditioner! It does essentially the same thing as cuticle oil.