College Student’s Absolutely Genius Shoe-Cleaning Hack

source: Twitter/@sarahtraceyy

Whether you were born in the ’50s or in the early 2000s, chances are you’ve sported Converse sneakers at some point in your life. This iconic brand of shoes has been popular for decades, and they’re currently all the rage with high school and college students.

If you or someone you know has white Converse (or other sneakers), then you know that they’re quite difficult to keep clean. In a matter of days, white Converse can go from sparkling to looking like they’re three years old. Thankfully, one college student found a solution to the problem of dirty Converse.

Sarah Tracey took to Twitter to share her secret for cleaning up her white Converse. Her post quickly went viral with over 1,400 retweets and almost 10,000 likes. In the comments, Sarah explained that she first removed the laces from the shoes. Next, she rinsed the shoes and mixed together one part baking soda and one and a half parts laundry detergent.

After applying the solution to her shoes, Sarah said she scrubbed them with a toothbrush, then let them sit. Then, she rinsed them off and ran them through a cold water cycle in the washing machine. Afterwards, she sprinkled them with some baby powder and let them air-dry in the sun.

The proof is in the pudding! Check out the before-and-after below of Sarah’s quick, easy, and cheap method for cleaning her sneakers. Never underestimate the creativity of a college student!