12 Hilarious Hacks That Only A Broke College Student Could Come Up With

I remember my college days like they were yesterday. And although they were some amazingly fun years, I also remember the financial situation of a college student. When money is tight, you need to get a little creative. And that’s exactly what these 12 broke college student hacks are demonstrating!

1. Shopping Cart BBQ

source: Vorply

What college student has the funds for a barbecue? The metal grills of a shopping cart will suffice.

2. Warm Pizza At All Costs

source: Yahoo

When you have neither a microwave or oven, an iron and a blowdryer is the next best way to warm up a slice of pizza.

3. Natural Beer Fridge

source: Imgur

If anyone knows how to take advantage of a blizzard, it’s a broke college student.

4. Creative Patio Furniture

source: Imgur

This patio furniture may not be very traditional, but if it wasn’t good enough for the train, it’s definitely good enough for a college student.

5. Pizza Slicer

source: Imgur

We’re going to go ahead and guess that the college student who came up with this creative pizza slicing method is in the engineering program.

6. Racket Strainer

source: Reddit

Every college student on a tennis team knows that there is simply no need for traditional pasta strainers.

7. Literal Book Shelf

source: BoredPanda

For a college student, buying furniture is so not a priority. Just use what you’ve already got, right?

8. Inky Chopsticks

source: Imgur

When you’re in the library and want to eat some noodles but don’t have chopsticks, two pens will do the trick.

9. Next-Day Leftovers

source: Imgur

As long as you use the lowest setting, blowdrying your leftovers is a totally acceptable thing to do.

10. Bargain Milk

source: Reddit

Milk is expensive. Unless you’re stealing it in bulk from the cafeteria, that is.

11. Innovative Shower Curtain

source: Reddit

When you don’t have shower curtain hooks, some clothes hangers will do the trick. Complete ingenuity.

12. Seat Cushion Replacement

source: BoredPanda

Whatever happened to the previous seat cushion is irrelevant. What we should all be focusing on is this genius display of inventiveness.