14 Unexpected Yet Genius Uses For Baby Powder

source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

You probably know what baby powder is mostly used for – soothing the skin of babies experiencing diaper rash. However, baby powder also has a surprising amount of other uses, including around the house. Check out the following list for a whole new appreciation of baby powder!

1. Fight Grease Stains

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you spill something oil-based on a piece of clothing, immediately sprinkle some baby powder onto the stain, dabbing at it with a cotton ball or clean rag. Afterwards, wash as you normally would.

2. Protect Bulbs

source: Balcony Garden Web / Wife Wine

When you go to plant your bulbs in the fall, dust them with some baby powder first. Not only will this deter pests from digging them up and eating them, but it will also prevent the bulbs from rotting.

3. Untangle Necklaces

source: PopSugar/Sarah Lipoff

To untangle stubborn necklace chains, sprinkle some baby powder on them. This will help them to slide more easily.

4. Deodorize Stinky Shoes

source: YouTube/DIY Pinto

Have some stinky shoes lying around? Place them out in a sunny spot and sprinkle baby powder inside. After a few hours, vacuum up the baby powder and they’ll smell much nicer.

5. Thicker Lashes

source: Beauty by Birdy

This is such a great insider beauty tip. For extremely voluminous, thick lashes, use a Q-tip to apply a small amount of baby powder to your lashes in between coats of mascara.

6. DIY Deodorant

source: Good Looking Tan / Shutterstock

If you realize you’re out of deodorant, don’t panic – simply wipe some baby powder under your arms for moisture absorption and a pleasant scent.

7. Tackle A Musty Closet

source: Only Hangers / Pixy.org

Does your closet have that old, musty smell? Leave an open container of baby powder on your closet shelf. The baby powder will absorb dampness and unpleasant odors.

8. Prevent Chafing

source: Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog / Shutterstock

If your thighs chafe together while walking or running (especially during hot weather), sprinkle some baby powder on the areas in question! It makes a huge difference.

9. Deter Foot Swelling

source: Shutterstock

Before putting on a pair of high heels or other not-so-comfortable shoe, sprinkle some baby powder on the bottoms and sides of your feet. This will deter them from swelling, sweating, and smelling!

10. Quiet Squeaky Floors

source: iStock

If you have squeaky hardwood floors in your home, sprinkle a small amount of baby powder over them, moving the powder into the cracks. This will help to quiet them a little.

11. Deodorize Carpets

source: The Homemade Experiment

If your rugs and carpets could do with some freshening up, sprinkle baby powder onto them and let it sit for about half an hour. When the time’s up, vacuum up the powder and they’ll smell nice and clean.

12. Remove Sand From Feet

source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Instead of tracking sand in your car or home after a day at the beach, sprinkle baby powder onto your sandy feet. Let it sit for a few minutes – the baby powder will absorb the moisture from the sand, making it easier to brush off.

13. Deter Ants

source: Shutterstock

Ants absolutely hate the scent and texture of baby powder. Sprinkle some along window ledges and doorways to keep them out of your house.

14. Dry Shampoo

source: Lewigs

And last but not least, baby powder makes for an excellent dry shampoo when you’re in between washes! Sprinkle a small amount on your scalp, let it sit for a minute or two, and then rub it in using a brush.

Now that you know about these surprising yet effective baby powder hacks, I’m willing to bet you’ll grab a bottle of baby powder the next time you’re out and about!