‘Smart Planter’ Tells You How It’s Feeling And How To Take Care Of It

source: Instagram/@lua.planter

I’m pretty good at caring for outdoor plants, but indoor plants have just never been my strong suit. I always have high hopes for my succulents and other small, potted plants, but they always end up shriveled and dead. Thankfully, one company invented a solution for this – and that’s a pot that tells you exactly how to care for the plant inside, and exactly how the plant is feeling.

Lua is a smart planter that communicates the plant’s feelings based on the pot’s different facial expressions. All you need to do is download the company’s free app, scan a QR code, input the type of plant you will be putting in the pot, and start learning exactly how your plant is feeling based on 15 different facial expressions the pot will communicate.

If your plant needs water, the pot will display a thirsty face with an open mouth and moving tongue. If your plant isn’t getting enough sun, the pot will let you know by displaying a vampire-like face. Over-watering your plant? The pot will display a puffed out face signaling you risk drowning the plant inside. If the temperature is too high, the pot will display a sweating face. And those are just some of the 15 different expressions!

The only way to currently buy a Lua planter is on Indiegogo, where they sell for about $116 USD. The pot comes in two colours – eggplant and sunflower – and is set to start shipping worldwide in November 2020. I can think of a few people (including myself) who might just be receiving this as a Christmas gift!