6 Items You Should Be Buying At Thrift Stores

source: Pyrex Collective III

I know it’s not for everyone, but I love thrifting and browsing through antique shops. Some of my favorite pieces in our home came from flea markets and antique stores, and they always feel so much more special than a new, mass-produced item from a big box store. If you like thrifting, the following six items are found at most thrift stores and actually hold a lot of value.

1. Silverware

If you see a highly tarnished piece of silver at a thrift or antique store, don’t be discouraged. Most silver pieces are actually high in value, and all they need is a good cleaning.

2. Pyrex

source: Please Note / Kitschy Living/Tumblr

Pyrex dishware was extremely popular from about 1920 all the way up to 1970. Any pieces made between these years are now collectors items and can fetch some pretty big bucks! You want to be on the lookout for the opaque, brightly colored and patterned pieces.

3. Mason Jars

In terms of mason jars, be on the search for the oldest ones you can find. Any mason jars made in the late 1800s and early 1900s are worth a lot of money. Plus, you can still use them today, Fruit stays fresh when it stored in jars.

4. Solid Wood Furniture

source: Taylor’s Classics

They simply don’t make furniture like they used to. Antique wood furniture is generally of extremely high quality, plus, it just looks way cooler. Even if a piece is chipped, cracked, or flawed, you can easily refinish it.

5. Blue Willow China

There is lots of valuable china that passes through thrift and antique stores. Blue Willow China is one such brand, specifically the pieces that were made in England. The emblem on the back should tell you whether a piece is Blue Willow and where it was produced.

6. Board Games

source: Meet Me At Mike’s / Flickr

There’s a big market for vintage board games right now, and they’re pretty easy to find. Even if you’re not interested in selling, vintage board games are super cool to display and use in your own home!