How To Deep Clean Your Entire Home In Just One Week

source: Allrecipes via Getty Images/PredragImages

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to shake the dust off of our winter habitats. I always do one big spring clean, but this year, I’m finding it all seems overwhelming. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of tried and true tricks for cleaning your home. Tackle one of these chores each day for a week, and the annual spring clean won’t seem so daunting.

1. Kitchen

source: The Home Depot

Start with the kitchen, which is the most-used space in the house for many of us. Wipe down all of your appliances. Remove all items from the fridge and give the fridge shelves and drawers a thorough wipe down. Throw out any items that have expired or that aren’t being used. Don’t forget to clean your sink thoroughly as well.

2. Fans and Lighting

source: YouTube/ehowhome

Ceiling fans and light fixtures rarely get cleaned but over time, will become host to a buildup of dust. Slip an old pillow case over top of your fan blades to wipe and trap dust so that it doesn’t get all over the room. Use cleaning spray or a damp cloth to wipe down the blades, and be sure to dust and clean your light fixtures as well.

3. Carpets

source: Treehouse | alamy

If your home has carpet or area rugs, be sure to give those a deep clean at least once a year. We rent a commercial carpet cleaner every spring to thoroughly wash all of our rugs. We are always amazed at the amount of dirt that comes off of them – but it’s super satisfying to see them looking clean and new again.

4. Curtains and Blinds

source: TODAY/Samantha Okazaki

Spring is a great time to clean those dusty curtains, drapes, and blinds. You can either wash or dry clean your drapes and blinds depending on the care instructions. Spring is also a great time to dust your individual blinds and wipe them down with some warm, soapy water.

5. Baseboards and Floors

source: Apartment Therapy/Joe Lingeman

Baseboards quickly become covered in dust, pet hair, and scuff marks. Use a handheld vacuum attachment to vacuum your baseboards before wiping them down with warm, soapy water. Vacuum all floors and thoroughly mop all hard surface flooring.

6. Bathrooms

source: Real Simple | canstockphoto

Now is the time to deep clean the bathrooms in your home. Empty out all vanity drawers and throw out expired products. Vacuum and wipe down the drawers and any shelves you have. Scrub your toilet and shower, and wipe down the mirror and countertops. Replace old towels and face cloths as needed.

7. Bedrooms

source: Grove Collaborative

Lastly, strip the bedding in all bedrooms and wash it. Go through your closets and dressers and donate any clothing that you no longer wear or that doesn’t fit you. Vacuum under the bed and behind furniture, and don’t forget to vacuum or wipe down your headboard or bed frame. Streamline miscellaneous clutter as you go.

If you dedicate a bit of time each day for a week, your list of spring cleaning won’t seem so overwhelming. By the end of one week, you’ll be left with a clean and fresh home, ready to be enjoyed all summer long. Happy cleaning!