12+ Funny Yet Helpful Life Hacks

source: Imgur

There are certain hacks floating around the internet that make us go, “What?!” And while the hacks on this list may warrant this same reaction upon first glance, they’re actually just downright smart! Shoutout to these creative people who have found ways to make life just a little bit easier.

1. Perfect Pancakes

source: YouTube/eHow

Make perfectly precise pancakes by putting the batter in a clean, empty ketchup bottle.

2. Protect The Floors

source: Pinterest / Wikimedia

Hate the sound of chairs scraping across the floor? Cut a slit in tennis balls and attach them to the end of chair legs!

3. Double Duty

Photo courtesy: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor

Want to heat up two bowls at once, but they both won’t fit in the microwave? Place one on a cup to elevate it and create room for both of the bowls.

4. Hands-Free Phone

source: Pinterest

If you need to look at your phone’s GPS while driving, attach it to your car’s air vent with two elastic bands so it’s visible.

5. Squeeze Out Your Toothpaste

source: Pinterest

Get the most out of your toothpaste tube by using a bobby pin to put pressure on the end.

6. Cool Down Your Duvet

source: The Humor Train

On a hot summer’s night, cool down your duvet cover before bed by pointing a fan into the insert. The cold air will cool down the cover.

7. Chill Your Wine

source: Table To Grave

Want to chill your wine without watering it down with ice cubes? Freeze grapes, and use those instead!

8. Chip Bag Bowl

source: Musely

Turn your chip bag into a makeshift bowl by folding the sides in on themselves.

9. Store Spaghetti Smarter

If you open a package of spaghetti and know you won’t use the whole thing, put the extra in a Pringles can to keep it from spilling all over your pantry!

10. Remove Strawberry Stems

source: Musely / barefeetinthekitchen

The easiest way to remove stems from strawberries? With a straw, of course!

11. Faster Grilled Cheese

source: Lifehacker / Apartment Therapy

For super quick grilled cheese, flip your toaster on its side like this!

12. Color Code Your Keys

source: JewelPie

Color code your keys with nail polish so you know exactly which key is for which lock!

13. DIY Speaker

source: Twitter/WTFFacts

Need to make an iPhone speaker in a pinch? Two plastic cups and an empty toilet paper roll are all you need!