14 Uses For Bobby Pins That Have Nothing To Do With Your Hair

sources: Crazy Nailzz / Pinterest

Bobby pins are a marvellous invention. When you’re having a bad hair day, it’s bobby pins to the rescue! However, did you know that bobby pins can actually be used for a number of different purposes that have nothing to do with styling your hair? Here they are!

1. Paperclip Alternative

source: Time Management Ninja

You don’t need to go rooting around your house for paper clips if you have a couple bobby pins lying around.

2. Yarn Fastener

source: Heart Hook Home

To avoid loose, tangled yarn, just use a bobby pin to fasten the end of the yarn to the rest of the spool.

3. Nail Art

source: Crazy Nailzz

Have you ever wondered how people get perfectly precise dots on their nails? Well, the secret lies in a bobby pin!

4. Christmas Ornaments

source: Unsplash

If you don’t have hooks for your Christmas ornaments, or they keeping falling off the tree, securing a bobby pin to the ornament and the branch is a great alternative.

5. Zipper Repair

source: Strong Mind Brave Heart

If the toggle part of your zipper falls off and you’re having trouble zipping up the piece of clothing, save money on repairs by fastening a bobby pin through the end of the zipper.

6. DIY Tie Clip

source: Mashable

If you don’t have a tie clip but want to ensure your tie flap stays in place, just use a bobby pin!

7. Toothpaste

source: Pinterest

To get the most out of your toothpaste tube, use a bobby pin to secure the rolled end. That way, you’ll be able to squeeze out as much toothpaste as possible.

8. Clothespins

source: The Spruce

Want to hang your laundry outside to dry, but don’t have any clothespins? Some bobby pins will do the trick.

9. Page Marker

source: Expert Home Tips

Bookmarks tend to fall out often, and folding the corners of the pages will ruin a book. That’s why a bobby pin makes for the perfect page marker.

10. Chip Clip

source: Mashable

You definitely don’t want your bag of chips to go stale. If you don’t have an elastic band or chip clip, just use a bobby pin instead.

11. Makeup Brush Hack

source: Pinterest

To turn a fluffy bronzer or blush brush into one that’s perfect for highlighter or contouring, use a bobby pin to turn your brush into a fan brush.

12. Belt Fastener

source: Man Made DIY

If you have a belt with a lot of slack on the end, you can use a bobby pin to secure the end flap of the belt to the rest of it.

13. Tighten Screws

source: wikiHow

If you don’t have a screwdriver or drill on hand, you can use the end of a bobby pin to tighten the screw slightly until you get your hands on some proper tools.

14. Unclog A Drain

source: Stay-At-Home Hero

To get hair and other gross gunk out of a drain, bend a bobby pin and use it to reach down the drain.