18 Genius Hacks That Parents Came Up With

source: Team Johnson

If you’re a parent, then you’re extremely familiar with getting creative. Kids are a ton of work, and more often than not, we need to think way outside the box. Here are 18 genius hacks that only a creative parent could think up!

1. Tub Transition

source: Happy Home Fairy

When your kid is in the transition phase between a baby tub and the big tub, put them in a laundry basket! The water will still come through the holes, but the child will be somewhat contained (you still have to supervise them, though!).

2. Painting Activity

source: Pinterest

Want to keep your kids busy? Fill a bucket with water, give them a paintbrush, and have them “paint” the fence in the yard!

3. Backseat Peace

source: Icepop / Jake White

Sick of your kids fighting in their car seats? This genius dad put partitions between them. No more fighting!

4. Baby Pool Shower

source: BoredPanda / Instagram

Living somewhere with no bathtub and have a small child? Put a baby pool in the base of the shower for an instant baby tub!

5. Newborn Photo Shoot Hack

source: LifeBuzz

Newborn photo shoots can be pretty tricky. To keep a sleeping baby happy during the photos, have either you or your partner act as the surface for the photo shoot!

6. Sleeping Trick

source: CafeMom / Facebook: Abigail Rivera Garcia

Some small babies will only go to sleep when they’re being soothed by a parent. To stimulate having your hand on their stomach or back, fill a glove with sand (just ensure it’s not too heavy) and use it to comfort the baby.

7. DIY Igloo

source: MetDaan / Instagram

Want to entertain your kids on a snowy day? Use a plastic container to make the blocks for an igloo!

8. Playpen Protection

source: HouseSite / Little Baby Watson

Want to spend some time outside but need to be near your toddler? If your playpen has mesh sides, cover the top with a fitted sheet. That way, you can protect them from bugs and sun.

9. Sparkler Protection

To protect a child from the heat of a sparkler, use a plastic cup as a shield.

10. Fitted Sheet Hack

source: J&N Roofing / Team Johnson

Use beach bags, coolers, etc. to hold up the four corners of a fitted sheet. You’ll have a safe, sand-free spot for your toddler or baby to hang out in!

11. Activity Sticks

source: Scribol / Learning This Life

When your kids complain of boredom, get them to choose an activity stick. Each stick will have an idea for a craft, game, etc. written on it.

12. Sick Day Hack

When your child is sick, use an elastic band to fasten a full Kleenex box to an empty one. When your child uses a tissue, they can then put it in the empty box.

13. Cardboard Box Hack

To deter your child from drawing all over your floors or walls, give them a cardboard box to decorate instead.

14. Makeshift Hammock

source: Cool Creativities / Joyful Abode

Use a bed sheet attached to a low table to make a safe, child-friendly “hammock.”

15. Wifi Privileges

source: Pinterest

Sick of your kids not picking up after themselves or helping with chores? Change the wifi password and list tasks that your children need to complete in order to receive that day’s wifi password.

16. Get Along Shirt

source: Pinterest

When your kids won’t stop fighting, stick them in a “get along” shirt until they decide to make up.

17. Protective Bracelet

source: 22 Words / Diy For Life

If you’re going to be out in a busy place, have your child wear a bracelet with your phone number on it in the event they ever get separated from you.

18. Sweeping Hack

source: Maple Tree Montessori

To teach your child to sweep, tape out a square on the floor so that they have an area to sweep everything into.