14 Awesome Ways To Reuse Empty Cans, Jars, And Containers

sources: Pinterest / Family handyman

Although I try to limit buying foods that come in single-use plastic, sometimes it’s simply inevitable. And while I always recycle these containers, it disheartens me to think that they’re contributing to waste on our planet. Thankfully, there are lots of creative, awesome ways you can reuse those empty food and drink containers instead of tossing them. Here they are!

1. Snack Containers

A great way to reuse those empty coffee creamer bottles? Peel off the labels and turn them into snack containers!

2. Wine Cap Tea Lights

source: Etsy

You can easily make your own soy candle wax, then pour it into empty wine caps for DIY tea light candles.

3. Protect Electrical Cords

source: Pinterest

Cut slots in the side of a plastic container and use it to store the plug part of an electrical cord that’s outside. That way, you don’t have to worry about it becoming wet.

4. Baby Food Spice Jars

source: Green Mom

A great way to reuse old baby food jars is to turn them into spice jars that make everything extremely visible.

5. Plastic Bag Dispenser

source: YouTube/BuzzFeed Nifty

An old bottle can be made into the perfect plastic bag dispenser (even though we should all try to limit our use of plastic bags!).

6. Tin Can Herb Garden

source: The Barefoot Housewife

Old tin cans are the perfect home for a fresh herb garden!

7. Wine Bottle Candle Holders

source: Tattered Style

Remove the labels from empty wine bottles and use them for an antique-looking candle holder display.

8. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

source: Etsy

With a few crafting skills, an old mason jar can be transformed into a rustic-inspired soap dispenser.

9. Mini Greenhouse

Plants thrive in warm, humid, and damp environments. Click here to find out how you can make a mini greenhouse from an old plastic container!

10. Tin Can Biscuit Cutter

The easiest, most simplified biscuit cutter? Why, a tin can, of course!

11. Milk Jug Garden Scoop

source: The Chilly Dog

An empty milk jug can be cut and turned into a handy soil scoop for gardening.

12. Milk Jug Watering Can

source: A journey to a dream

You can also poke holes in the cap of an empty milk jug and use it to water your plants!

13. Yoghurt Container Measuring Cups

source: Pinterest

Since most yoghurt containers come in standard ounce measurements, they can make for the perfect measuring cups when you’re in a pinch!

14. Coffee Container Bird Feeder

source: Pinterest

By fastening a plastic plate or tray to the bottom of an old coffee container, you can easily make a DIY bird feeder!