How To Make The Fluffiest Buttermilk Biscuits

source: Southern Living

Some of the most delicious food in the whole world has its origins in the Southern United States. You already know what I’m talking about – fried chicken, green bean casserole, grits, fried green tomatoes, and of course, buttermilk biscuits. I think the reason I love buttermilk biscuits so much is because you can easily find an excuse to eat them for every meal, and it doesn’t even seem weird. And this biscuit recipe already has me reaching towards the flour to get started.

source: Food Network

Who better than Southern Living to create a perfectly soft, fluffy, and buttery biscuit recipe? Four ingredients are all you need to whip up this simple recipe, and thankfully, they’re all pantry staples. This is truly a no-fail recipe, so even if you’re not a seasoned or confident cook or baker, this recipe will have you looking like a pro.

source: Today Show

So, let’s go back to listing all the ways in which we can eat biscuits. For breakfast, biscuits seem like the perfect accompaniment to eggs and sausage. For lunch, why not dip a biscuit in a creamy, roasted vegetable soup? And for dinner, biscuits act as the perfect side dish. Use a biscuit to soak up gravy, sauce, or simply eat one on its own!

source: Southern Living

So without further delay, click here for the ingredient list and step-by-step instructions from Southern Living. A total of 50 minutes time is all you need for prep and baking these bad boys – a pretty fair trade-off if you ask me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be just about swimming in biscuits for the next couple of days, at the very least!