6 Cleaning Tips For A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

source: One Good Thing By Jillee

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s generally the room in our homes that takes the biggest beating. Between kids, pets, and cooking, our appliances, cupboards, and countertops can get quite dirty in a short amount of time. If your kitchen is in need of some love, check out the following cleaning tips!

1. Remove Hard Water Stains

source: diyconfessions.com

If your stainless or chrome sink and faucet are covered in hard water stains, a cloth and some distilled vinegar is all you need to make them shine again.

2. Clean Your Cupboards

To clean grimy and grease-stained cupboards, mix together one part of coconut oil and two parts of baking soda. Apply the mixture to your cupboards using a cloth or your hands, then use an old toothbrush to scrub the nooks and crannies. Use a clean cloth to wipe the solution from the cupboards.

3. Clean The Microwave

Put half a cup of water in a small bowl, then squeeze half a lemon into the water and place the lemon halves in the bowl as well. Microwave for three minutes, then keep the microwave door closed for five minutes. This will create steam. When the time’s up, remove the bowl and you’ll be able to easily wipe down the sides and bottom of the microwave.

4. Clean Grout

source: Decoist

If you have floor tile or tile backsplash in your kitchen, make the grout look new again by coating it in a paste of baking soda and distilled vinegar. Let the solution sit, then scrub it with an old toothbrush and use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

5. Clean Countertops

source: Stone Masters

Different countertops respond to different cleaning methods. To learn how to safely and effectively clean butcher block, marble, granite, laminate, stainless steel, tile, quartz, soapstone, and concrete countertops, click here!

6. Make A Farmhouse Sink Sparkle

If you have a white farmhouse sink, remove stains and other residue by sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda all over it. Next, sprinkle some lemon juice over the baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub away with a scrub brush. Afterwards, just rinse!