Double Tent Cot Allows You To Camp Comfortably And Not On The Cold, Hard Ground


My husband and I have different views on what camping means. I’m most comfortable in a big camper trailer that has running water, electricity, comfortable beds, and an ice maker. My husband, on the other hand, is completely content to rough it with a traditional tent, an open fire, and some cans of beans. Fortunately, I think I’ve discovered a way that we can compromise on our camping styles!

Kamp-Rite has come up with a two-person off-the-ground tent cot that puts a luxurious spin on your regular old tent. The cot-style platform keeps campers off the ground and away from the cold, hard, and sometimes wet ground – as well as the bugs and snakes!

The tent cot has a lightweight aluminum frame, so transportation and setup isn’t a huge chore. It also offers zippered mesh doors and windows for those times when you want to be in the tent, but not fully! And yet another perk? The tent cot is extremely easy to set up, and can easily be done with just one person.

To make this tent cot even more appealing, it’s extremely versatile – it can easily be transformed into a lounge chair! Though this tent cot may not be as fancy as an air-conditioned RV, it definitely makes camping much more comfortable. And that’s good enough for me! Click here to purchase one from Kamp-Rite. I’m definitely looking forward to camping this summer without having to sacrifice comfortable sleeps in the process!