15 Great Beauty Hacks For An Easier Morning Routine

sources: Pinterest / YouTube/Huda Beauty

Nowadays, the craze surrounding hair and makeup trends is at an all-time high. Every day, I see more and more beauty hacks making their rounds on the internet – but how can we know which ones actually work, and which ones aren’t even worth trying? We’ve taken the guessing out of the equation for you. Here are 15 genius beauty hacks that will make your hair and makeup routine more effective and way easier.

1. Double-Duty Mascara

source: Bustle / Instagram

If you’re out and about with no eyeliner on hand (or have simply run out), just use your mascara! Dip a small brush into your mascara tube and apply it as you would liquid eyeliner.

2. Plump Your Lips

source: Musely / CanStockPhoto

If you want bigger lips without undergoing a cosmetic procedure, use a clean toothbrush to gently brush your lips. This will encourage blood flow to the area, making your lips appear instantly bigger.

3. Awake Eyes

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

The easiest way to achieve bigger, brighter, and more awake-looking eyes? Line your lower waterline with white or nude eyeliner.

4. Repair Broken Compacts

source: The Beautyfly

Most of us have experienced that heart-wrenching moment when we drop our favorite compact, only to find it’s shattered into a million pieces. You can actually reverse the damage by breaking the makeup up into a fine powder and mixing it with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will evaporate, leaving you with a complete compact again.

5. Lipstick As Blush

source: Makeup and Beauty Blog

There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive cream blush. Your lipstick will work just as well!

6. More Noticeable Eyeshadow

source: wikiHow

Many drugstore eyeshadows aren’t all that pigmented. If you want a more bold, concentrated shadow look, wet your brush before applying the eyeshadow.

7. Shine-Free Skin

source: Cosmopolitan / Ptoto credit: KATHLEEN KAMPHAUSEN

There’s no point in buying fancy oil blotting papers. To remove shine and oil from your face, dab at it with a coffee filter.

8. Blackhead Removal

source: YouTube/Huda Beauty

Many people get blackheads in their T-zone. To remove blackheads, make a paste using toothpaste and baking soda, then use a clean toothbrush to apply the solution to your skin. Gently work in the solution for a few minutes before washing with warm water. You should note that if you have sensitive skin, the toothpaste may irritate it, and it may be best not to try.

9. Fuller Lashes

source: Elle

To make your lashes appear super voluminous, brush some baby powder on them in between mascara coats.

10. Voluminous Ponytail

source: Pinterest / Cosmopolitan

If you want your ponytail to look more voluminous, use two bobby pins to elevate the hair near the base of your elastic band.

11. Hide Roots

source: Makeup Madness / Cosmopolitan

If you have roots coming in and still have a ways to go before your next hair appointment, use eyeshadow the same color as your hair to cover roots.

12. Perfect Winged Liner

source: Into The Gloss

Want a perfect winged eyeliner look that’s even on both sides? Use two pieces of scotch tape to make a stencil.

13. Seal In Your Lipstick

To give your lipstick some staying power, apply lipstick and hold a tissue over top of your lips. Dab some translucent face powder over the tissue. This will help mattify your lipstick and prevent smudging.

14. Get More Product

source: Pinterest

When makeup products that come in tubes start to near their end, cut open the end of the tube. That way, you’ll be able to get all of the product left out of there.

15. No More Greasy Hair

source: HowTo

Have some place to go and no time to wash your hair? That’s why dry shampoo was invented. And if you don’t have dry shampoo, sprinkle some baby powder in your hair, work it into your roots and hair, then brush!