Airstream’s New ‘Nest’ Trailer Is The Perfect Combination Of Camping And Luxury

source: insidehook

Thousands of people all over the country are giving up their average-sized homes in favor of joining the tiny living movement. Between tiny homes and camper trailers, many people enjoy downsizing and living a more simplified, nomadic life. You’ve probably seen people transform old Airstream trailers into amazing, modern tiny homes, but with Airstream’s newest trailer model, there’s no renovating required.

source: insidehook

The iconic trailer company has just released the Nest, a sleek, fiberglass trailer that looks nothing like Airstream’s usual designs. It’s extremely modern, lightweight, easy to tow, and is designed with a ton of genius storage solutions. The Nest also features panoramic windows, providing this little trailer with a ton of natural light.

source: Airstream

Although the Nest is certainly compact, the trailer boasts a kitchen, dinette area, full bathroom, queen-sized bed, and a power awning for enjoying a covered area outside. There are also blackout curtains, Bluetooth-controlled LED lights, tons of USB ports throughout the trailer, a stainless steel sink, and modern, laminate countertops.


Like to cook? Well, the Nest features a two-burner cooktop with a cover that turns into extra counter space when not in use. The kitchen also includes a microwave and refrigerator with an icebox. In case it’s not yet clear, the Nest is the perfect combination of camping and modern luxury.

If you’re thinking of adding the Nest to your family, the starting price for this trailer is $45,900. Airstream trailers are designed to last, and they’re quite capable of maintaining their value for years to come. You can click here to learn more about the Nest and see video tours of this amazing little trailer!