The Family Of 6 Traded In Their Home To Live In An Airstream Trailer

source: Instagram/@tinyshinyhome

Have you ever thought about simplifying your life by moving into a tiny home or something more mobile, but haven’t because of your children? If so, this story might make you reconsider. Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker sold their home in May 2015, traveled the country for a year in a Grand Design Reflection 323 BHS 5th Wheel, and then decided to simplify their lifestyle even more.

After their first year on the road, the family (which includes Jonathan and Ashley’s four children) decided that they much preferred camping without hookups. They sold their 5th Wheel and instead bought a vintage 1972 Airstream trailer. They spent the next six months renovating it, adding in things like fold-down bunk beds, solar panels, and an internet boosting setup that allowed Jonathan to run his media business, and Ashley to homeschool their children.

They named the Airstream their “Tiny Shiny Home,” and currently have a blog that chronicles their on-the-road adventures. From how to homeschool four children on the road, to their 2018 travel plans, their blog is a truthful account of what it’s like to downsize in favor of a more mobile, simplified life. Want to see the interior of this amazing, cleverly designed trailer? Just scroll through the photos below!

The Longneckers gutted the trailer from head to toe, ending up with a cozy, functional design that’s the perfect combination of modern and rustic.

The eating area is also where Ashley homeschools the kids and Jonathan works on his business. The area also folds down to become Jonathan and Ashley’s bed!

Four kids? No problem. The Longneckers built four bunk beds with both upper and lower cabinets for storage.

And of course, here’s their cute little washroom!

To see more of the Longneckers’ home and travel adventures, you can visit their Instagram page or their blog. Tiny, mobile living certainly isn’t for everyone, but the Longneckers sure do make it look easy (and super fun!).