Retired Couple Trades In Their Old House For a Custom Tiny Home With a Downstairs Bedroom On The Beach

source: Youtube - Tiny Home Tours

In a world where bigger is often perceived as better, a retired couple from Portland, Janice and Glen, decided to buck the trend and downsize to a custom tiny home on the beach. Tired of the cramped conditions in their 1978 Airstream, they spent two years researching tiny home builders until they found the perfect match with Timber Craft in Alabama.

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Janice and Glen fell in love with Timber Craft’s commitment to high-quality, customizable in-house manufacturing. They were able to choose almost every detail of their new home, creating the dream home they always wanted. The couple was thrilled with their new tiny home, which offers ample storage space and room to move around, even with several empty spots that could be filled in the future.

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The most significant feature of their new tiny home is the downstairs bedroom. Unlike many tiny homes that have sleeping lofts accessible by ladders, Janice and Glen opted for a downstairs bedroom for ease of access and added comfort. The couple also included unique features, such as an electric fireplace, skylights, and windows near the ceiling that let in all the natural light they could ever want.

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Living in a tiny home has many advantages, from lower living expenses to reducing the amount of “stuff” one accumulates over time. For Janice and Glen, downsizing was the perfect solution for their retirement plans. They still own a house in Portland, which they love, but are excited to live in their tiny beach home and enjoy the outdoors.

The couple’s decision to downsize to a tiny home is part of a growing trend. With housing costs skyrocketing and the desire for a simpler lifestyle increasing, more and more people are considering tiny homes as a viable option. Tiny homes offer the ability to live more sustainably, reduce waste, and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Living in a tiny home is not for everyone, but for Janice and Glen, it was the perfect decision. They traded in their old house for a custom tiny home with a downstairs bedroom on the beach, and they couldn’t be happier. As the world continues to change and evolve, downsizing to a tiny home may become an even more popular option for those seeking a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

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