What Is The Purpose Of Bed Headboards?

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Homeowners think of headboards as essential furniture pieces for the bedroom. And, why not? Headboards have different uses and benefits. Whether you prefer upholstered, wooden, or a do-it-yourself option inspired by home improvement magazines, a headboard customizes your bedroom and makes it more functional.

In this article, you’ll learn the purpose of bed headboards to keep you guided as to their suitable application in your home.

Decorative Furniture Piece

Modern headboards and footboards are considered as decorative furniture pieces, enhancing bedrooms’ overall aesthetic appeal. A stylish headboard makes your room feel more comfortable and cozier than a bare wall.

Stay comfortable in your cozy bedroom so that you can get a restful night’s sleep. You can find an upholstered headboard at The Luxury Bed Co and other similar companies to attain this goal.

Consider the following add-ons to make your headboard a decorative furniture piece:

  • Buttons: They add a plush and luxurious feel to headboards. Also, they provide an exciting, new dimension to your headboard’s overall feel and appearance. One of the most popular headboard designs features deep buttoning, combining this technique with a wide headboard. Choose buttons to match the headboard’s fabric and texture, or select a contrasting color.
  • Swarovski Crystals: They add elegance and shine to headboards, which are also a popular choice. They can also make you feel like sleeping in a royal bed!
  • Other Popular Finishes: The other popular headboard finishes include chrome studs, vintage studs, a contrast piped, and self-piped in matching fabric.

Shield Against Cold

In the past, bed headboards were used as a barrier between the edge of the bed and the wall. A headboard keeps the head from getting too cold at night. The walls could get cold quickly because of poor insulation, which results in a very cold bedroom.

Here are the benefits of protecting your head from the cold when sleeping:

  • More comfortable sleep at night
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better mood the next day

Space Filler

Headboards can be a space filler, suitable if you have a big, open wall. A headboard prevents pillows from falling off your bed while sleeping at night. Whether you’re up for a ready-made or DIY headboard, you can say goodbye to waking up in the morning with no pillows due to them falling off the bed.

Sit Comfortably In Bed

You probably like to sit up in bed when reading your favorite book, or using your laptop or tablet. A headboard gives extra support rather than sitting up against a bare, hard wall. Headboards make sitting more pleasant. Also, a headboard allows you to enjoy breakfast in bed. 

Easy To Clean 

An upholstered headboard is easy to clean by vacuuming it to remove dust and germs. You can spot-clean an upholstered headboard using a damp cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to keep you guided. 

Bring Good Luck 

Feng Shui bedroom experts highly recommend having a solid bed headboard, giving you a sense of safety and strength during sleep, and even during times of intimacy. Also, headboards provide long-term stability, security, and confidence.

  • Here are some feng shui tips when installing headboards:
  • The best headboard position is against a solid concrete wall.
  • Avoid positioning the headboard in line with the door.
  • Choose wooden or padded headboards.
  • Don’t place headboards under the window because energies enter and leave, causing sleep disturbances.
  • Avoid open or barred headboards.
  • Storage headboards aren’t good for feng shui as they attract clutter.

Tips When Choosing Headboards

Check these tips when choosing a bed headboard: 

1 . Consider The Fabric

When choosing the best fabric material for your headboard, consider your bed’s location in the room. For example, a bed near the window can make the headboard fade, so choose a fabric that doesn’t fade in the sunlight.

The different fabrics for headboards include the following:

  • Textured weave 
  • County check 
  • House velvet 
  • Basket weave 
  • House linen 
  • Pure cotton  
  • Faux wool 
  • Crushed velvet 
  • Flat velvet  
  • Linen spot 
  • Brushed linen 
  • Faux leather 
  • Faux suede

2. Choose The Perfect Headboard Height

Choose a higher headboard if you have a small bed, creating the illusion of a larger bed. Low ceilings feel small and enclosed.

3. Talk To The Expert

Bed frame and headboard suppliers are the experts when it comes to building sturdy headboards. Make sure to choose a reputable company with a wide array of designs to choose from so you can find the best one for your needs.  


A headboard provides good bed support and protects the wall against abrasion. Also, headboards can give bedrooms a very personal touch. Headboards also bring good luck to sleepers, leaving them assured of safe sleep subconsciously. You can also make your headboard a decorative furniture piece because it offers lots of design opportunities, such as experimenting with different colors, embellishments, and buttons.