Promoting Your Products The Right Way: How To Ensure Your Exhibition Is Eye-Catching


Business owners have more marketing tools at their disposal today than ever before in history. One particularly effective way of bringing attention to one’s products or services is setting stalls up at trade shows. Trade shows are conferences where businesses in the same niches congregate to showcase new releases and advertise themselves.

If you run a business and want to market yourself at a trade show then you have your work cut out for you. Public presentations can be difficult for even the most experienced individuals. This post will tell you how you can ensure your product exhibition is eye-catching:

1.    Booth Set-up

If you are planning on attending a trade show then you’ll need help setting your booth up. Unless your booth is professionally designed and organized it can reflect poorly upon your company. Fortunately, you can hire companies who offer trade show services and design people’s booths for them. Your booth’s overall design should match your company’s branding and marketing, i.e., if you use specific colors on your website then use the same ones to decorate your booth.

2.    Inviting Clients

After trade shows there are usually meals that are treated as networking opportunities. Inviting existing clients to trade shows can be a good way of improving your relationship and strengthening your bond with them. It does need to be noted that inviting clients can be risky. If competitors are present at the show and have more to offer then they could take your clients. Only invite clients you are confident are loyal to you and ensure your products are the best in the room.

3.    Social Media

Social media is a good of advertising that you will be attending a trade show. Telling customers and clients that you will be attending gives them the opportunity to come and meet you in person; it also gives individuals interested in working with you the chance to find out more about your business. You should always have physical products at trade shows so people can unpack and examine them. Showcasing your products at trade shows gives other entrepreneurs the opportunity to determine whether your products are sellable or not, helping them to decide if buying stock from you is a good idea.

4.    Watching Competitors

You always need to know what is happening in your market. Until you acquaint yourself with your competition and the quality of their products you will be blind to what’s going on within it. Trade shows are great places to go if you are interested in keeping tabs on your competition; at them, you can find out what their products are like, how they are performing and what areas they need to improve in order to gain a larger share of your market. Keeping track of their progress helps you to stay one step ahead.

5.    Demonstrating Product

Trade shows give you a platform to showcase your product in person. You need to ensure that your product presentation is effective and properly organized. Showcasing your product in a way that reflects poorly upon it can damage your chances of achieving financial success and making sales. Trade shows can be great places to sell products, but only if they look good. Nobody is going to want to buy anything from your company if you aren’t selling products to people the right way. The same is also true if you sell a service rather than a product, except it’s a little harder to showcase services.

6.    Games, Surveys and Quizzes

Interactive booths can be effective places to make sales and attract people’s interest. A lot of trade show booths are plain and boring. Holding games, surveys and quizzes at yours can be a  good way of capturing people’s attention. Make sure the things you offer are relevant to your business, however. Some business owners hold interactive booths but the games and services offered have absolutely no relevance to their businesses. Such performances will likely confuse consumers and deter them from wanting to do business with you, as you will look disorganized and chaotic. Looking like this can ruin your reputation.

7.    Promotional Items

Giving away promotional items at your stall can be a good way of attracting interest. At trade shows, generally, the person with the most attention in the room is the one who’s going to make the most sales. Giving away promotional items can get people interested in what you have to offer, so they gravitate towards your booth. The more people at your booth, the more who will come. You do need to ensure you are only giving away items of high quality, however. Cheap memorabilia or merchandise won’t hold anyone’s attention for very long or impress anybody.

8.    Careful Design

You need to carefully design your stall in such a way that it reflects positively on your business and is consistent with your broader marketing effort, as mentioned earlier. Again it is best to hire a professional service to decorate and design your stall for you if you have never had to manage your own before. These services can even provide staff to come and sit at your stall and look after it for you, talking to customers on your behalf. While you can hire people to look after your stall for you experts do strongly recommend managing it yourself. If you do not then you won’t be able to gauge interest or force sales.

9.    Distributing Cards

During trade shows it is always a good idea to give out cards. Distributing cards can help you to spread your business’s name and get the word out there. The more people that have your cards the more likely it is that somebody will eventually get in touch and want to do business with you. You should hire a professional graphic design and printing service to create your cards for you so they look their best. Give merchandise away along with your business cards.

Trade shows can be fantastic places to network and make sales. You don’t have to have experience in attending them as you can hire a service to manage your booth’s design and set-up for you; it is strongly advised that you attend trade shows in person so you can make sales, however.