12 DIY Games To Keep Kids Entertained At Home

sources: Mommy's Little Helper / She Knows

I have completely lost track of what week of self-isolation this is. Eight weeks? Nine? Who knows. What I do know is that my kids are driving me crazy on a daily basis. I had enough games and activities to keep them relatively busy for the first couple of weeks, but those have run out. If you’re looking for some easy-to-make activities that will entertain your kids during this time at home, look no further – here are 12 awesome ones!

1. Sensory Box

source: The Best Ideas For Kids / FrugalFun4Boys

You can make a sensory box with just about anything lying around the house. Fill a box with random toys, shapes, cups, and sand (or even cereal or dried beans). It’s a great sensory activity for toddlers and young children.

2. Object Guessing

source: YouTube/TheDadLab

What a cute idea! Cut two hand-sized holes out of a cardboard box. Have your child hold a variety of different objects – they’ll have fun trying to guess what they’re holding!

3. Scavenger Hunt

source: DIY Network/Emily Fazio

Take an hour and map out a scavenger hunt for your kids! You can easily tailor the hunt to your child’s age, making it a little more complicated for older kids.

4. Plastic Bag Painting

source: Mom’s Balancing Act

No-mess painting sounds like an oxymoron, but not if you add the paint to a sealed plastic bag! You can tape the bag to a window or tabletop, and your kids can “paint” using their fingers.

5. Hopscotch

source: The Crumb Factory

Some painter’s tape is all you need to make an indoor hopscotch game!

6. Indoor Track

source: SheKnows

Another great use for painter’s tape? Make an indoor race track or train tracks for your kids to play on!

7. Origami

source: Art For Kids

Beginner origami is something the whole family can try together! As you get more confident, you can take on more complicated designs.

8. Popsicle Stick Puzzles

source: The Crazy Craft Lady

Draw a design on a grouping of popsicle sticks, then mix them all up! It’s a simple yet fun puzzle that kids can put back together.

9. Mini Put Course

source: Kix Cereal

Take an hour or so and create a DIY mini put course in your backyard! Kids of all ages will love it, and it’ll keep them entertained for hours.

10. Pom Pom Racing

source: Mommy’s Little Helper

This is hysterical. Map out a floor course with painter’s tape. Give your kids a straw and a pom pom. Now try to contain your laughter as you watch them race poms poms!

11. Backyard Obstacle Course

source: Long Wait For Isabella

Create an outdoor, backyard obstacle course for your kids if the weather is nice.

12. Indoor Obstacle Course

source: Mabel and Moxie / Making Motherhood Matter

And if the weather isn’t nice, create an obstacle course indoors instead!

Now that you know these 12 DIY activities, hopefully you’ll be able to better entertain your kids in the coming weeks. We’ve got this, parents!