Learn How To Take Proper Care Of Your Yard


Your yard is one of the best assets of your home. It’s something that people can see immediately, and the quality of your yard often tells a lot about you as a homeowner as well. If you want to make sure that your home stays pretty and prim, it’s a must that you consider these yard care tips as well.

Remove The Unnecessary

There are a ton of materials that can ruin the integrity of your yard. Some of the things that you need to have removed immediately are thatch, weeds, and moss. These don’t only make your yard look dirty, they can also cover the grass and prevent the nutrients from the sun from getting through.

If you have large trees in the yard, it would also be ideal to have these trimmed. If you do tree trimming regularly, you can lessen the shade that the tree creates. Again, this shade can prevent the sunlight from hitting the grass and giving it nutrients as well.


This process simply refers to reseeding your yard regularly. This can help replace all the dead patches of grass too. Ideally, you’d want to over-seed your garden at least twice every month in scheduled intervals. This ensures that the grass grows evenly in your yard.

When overseeding, the best thing to do is to mix the seeds with organic fertilizer. This will help the grass grow much faster as well.

Keep The Clippings

When mowing your lawn, the ideal length of the grass should be ⅓ of its max length. After mowing the lawn, you might be tempted to clean the trimmings off, but stop yourself from doing this.

What you need to do is to leave the clippings be. The yard clippings contain a lot of nutrients that can be used and absorbed by what’s left of your yard. It’s an efficient way to feed your yard with organic materials.

Aerate The Soil

Aeration is the process of poking holes in the soil which can allow the nutrients to be absorbed more easily by the yard. You can aerate your soil manually, simply by poking holes through them using a stick. However, it’s best to use tools and machines dedicated to doing this because they lessen the workload heavily.

Test The PH Level Of The Soil

Make sure that your yard maintains a healthy PH level of at least five to seven. If the PH level is too low, a good way to increase it is by adding a dash of lime juice to what you water the plants with. Alternatively, if it’s too high, you can add alkaline in the same way.

Water It Well

This should be a given by now, but your yard needs to be watered regularly. It can be a bit troublesome to have to water your garden manually, which is why we suggest investing in sprinklers. Good water sprinklers can be adjusted to water your yard on a schedule and these are great investments too.

Taking care of your yard may be tiring, but it is definitely worth it. There’s a lot of benefits to a good yard, so make sure to take the necessary steps to ensure that yours is always clean and green.