10 Things We Used To Do in The Kitchen That Just Don’t Happen Anymore

source: Old Visuals / Alamy/Alamy

Remember the days when the kitchen was a bustling hub of activity, filled with sounds of pots clanging, chopping boards chopping, and timers ticking away? Well, things have changed, my friend. The kitchen of today is a whole new ball game, and some of the things we used to do in there seem like ancient history. Here are 10 kitchen rituals that have become as rare as a unicorn sighting.

Dialing for Pizza

Ah, the good old days of picking up the phone and dialing the local pizza joint for a cheesy delight. Fast forward to today, and we’ve got food delivery apps at our fingertips. No need to memorize numbers or engage in awkward conversations with the pizza guy – just a few taps, and your favorite pie is on its way.

Reading Cookbooks Like Novels

Once upon a time, cookbooks were the bedtime stories of food enthusiasts. We’d flip through the pages, drooling over glossy pictures and imagining the aroma of each dish. Now, with cooking blogs and YouTube tutorials, who has the patience to read a whole book? Just give us the recipe highlights, and we’re good to go.

Defrosting the Freezer Manually

The struggle was real when it came to defrosting the freezer. Armed with towels and a hairdryer, we’d embark on a mission to rid the ice buildup. But today, most freezers come with self-defrosting capabilities. No more chipping away at icy stalactites – our freezers are as low-maintenance as it gets.

Arguing About What’s for Dinner

Remember the endless debates about what to have for dinner? Those days are over. Thanks to meal kit subscriptions and food delivery options, the only argument you’ll have is which cuisine to indulge in tonight. Taco Tuesday, anyone?

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Waiting for Water to Boil

Waiting for water to boil used to be the ultimate test of patience. Now, with electric kettles and instant hot water dispensers, we can have our morning cup of tea before we finish yawning. Who has time to watch water boil when there are memes to scroll through?

Manual Can Openers

Gone are the days of wrestling with a manual can opener like it’s a kitchen wrestling championship. Electric can openers have swooped in to save the day, effortlessly removing the lids and sparing us from the battle scars inflicted by their manual counterparts.

Mixing Batter by Hand

The rhythmic sound of a wooden spoon against a mixing bowl used to be the soundtrack of baking. Now, stand mixers and electric beaters have taken over, leaving our biceps free from the strain of hand-mixing. The only workout we need is scrolling through cooking shows on TV.

Tasting Raw Cookie Dough (without fear)

Once upon a time, licking the spoon after making cookie dough was a rite of passage. But with the rise of salmonella awareness, raw eggs have become public enemy number one. Enter eggless cookie dough recipes – now we can indulge in the guilty pleasure without the health risk.

Sharpening Knives on a Stone

In the past, honing our knife skills meant sharpening blades on a whetstone like a culinary ninja. Today, electric knife sharpeners have simplified the process, ensuring our knives are as sharp as Gordon Ramsay’s tongue with minimal effort.

Handwriting Recipes on Index Cards

There was something nostalgic about flipping through a recipe box filled with handwritten index cards stained with the remnants of culinary experiments. Now, our recipes reside in the cloud or on Pinterest boards, accessible with a simple tap on a screen.

In the ever-evolving world of kitchens, these once-common activities have become relics of the past. Whether we miss them or not, one thing’s for sure – our kitchens have come a long way, and who knows what the future holds for the heart of our homes.