How to Make a Kitchen Feel Communal


The kitchen is the place where so much can occur. It’s already the room of the house where the family comes together to eat, but it’s so versatile it’s also the place where you play games, do homework, socialize, and anything else that requires a place to sit or use a table. Therefore, your dining and kitchen furniture and décor should really reflect that. But how do you inject some community spirit into this room, rather than making it feel like second fiddle to the living room? Take a look at our tips to make everyone never want to leave your kitchen.

Opt for open plan

For a drastic change, consider changing to an open kitchen. If your kitchen is separate from your dining room, due to a wall, you might want to consider knocking it down. As long as it isn’t load-bearing, you’ll instantly have an open kitchen which is perfect for guests to sit at the table while you plate up and keep the conversation going at the same time.

Or a kitchen island

Or, if you have a large kitchen you can fill some space and make more of a communal space by adding an island and some seating around the island. Chop veg or brew coffee while your guests enjoy a seat and a chat.

Consider a bench

If you physically want to get more people around the dinner table, consider investing in a bench. Instead of chairs, you can have a fun set of benches to sit beside the table. The whole idea gives the image of a booth in a diner more than a 5-star restaurant table, but that means you are physically closer, more open to chat, giving a more casual feel to the night. No one is nervous about popping any questions here. Take a look at these cheap dining room sets for something that suits you and your guests.

Add a speaker

Nothing says community like music. It’s a simple, more affordable change than most but you’ll get a lot out of it. You can keep yourself entertained or start a quick dance party in the kitchen like we all do with or without music. Hear the morning news, or the latest true crime doc while cooking or cleaning. It turns the room into somewhere everyone wants to be.

Add some squishy chairs

Sometimes the dining table feels too formal. Even saying it brings about images of sitting promptly at the table. It’s where parents negotiate policies for teens going to parties, where you get your taxes done, where the board games are enjoyed. But sometimes life isn’t that hard. Sometimes you just want to sit with a nice book and a coffee. If you have the space for it, consider a squishy chair or two, perhaps near a window, in your kitchen to enjoy the sunrise with a coffee.

Add a bar cart

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a bar cart full of glasses and fun drinks to get the night going. The best part is it doesn’t take up much space and means the night can go on without even having to get up.